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19 Beautiful Sex Tips for a Sagittarius ...

By Heather

Sagittarians are one of those signs that was a mystery to me until I started to research all of the best sex tips for a Sagittarius. Did you know that this particular sign loves all kinds of toys and loves erotic massage? These are just a few of the sex tips for a Sagittarius that you'll learn below! Take a look and learn exactly what your Sag loves!

1 The Thighs Are Hot

Did you know that one of the top sex tips for a Sagittarius all revolves around their thighs? They love their thighs to be touched, to be caressed and to be kissed! A massage on the thighs with some amazing oils is the way to go for this incredible sign.

2 Be Charming

A Sagittarius is all about being charmed and swept off of their feet. They want someone that is willing to not just play a hide and capture game with them, but someone that knows exactly how to impress them. They like fun, they like humor and they really want someone that understands them perfectly!

3 Spur of the Moment Sex

This is one sign that is all about the spur of the moment sex. Whether it is in the closet at a restaurant or even just right in the kitchen as soon as you get home, they want to be surprised. This is also a sign that has a ton of stamina, so you'll have to keep up and increase your stamina to really stay on the same pace.

4 Verbal Action

If you thought that this particular sign was quiet, you've got another thing coming! They like it all verbal and they like all of the dirty talk. They want someone to tell them exactly what they are doing and exactly what you like. They want someone that is open, someone that is super comfortable and someone that knows how to please them … and to talk about it.

5 Loves Uniforms

If you are thinking about having a dress up date with this particular sign, think about uniforms. They love them! Whether it is a military uniform, cops or a post person, they love to play dress up and if their partner gets in on it? It's an incredible match! Give it a try and see what happens! A little role play never hurt anyone, right?

6 Gadgets & Toys Are a Must

Toys are something that are a must with this sign. They like all kinds of toys, all kinds of gadgets in the bedroom, the more the better. They want someone that understands that too – so make sure that when they release those desires to you, you don't brush them off. It doesn't matter what toys or gadgets you use, just be creative with what you find!

7 Wants Variety & Spontaneity

Finally, if you haven't noticed about this particular sign, they want someone that gets that they want variety, that they want spontaneity, that they want someone that is going to be eager to get with them whenever and wherever. That is going to be one of the most important needs they have!

8 Be Adventurous

This sign is not happy with routine. That means that you need to be adventurous inside and outside of the bedroom. Instead of going to the movies for date night every week, try doing something fresh and fun. It's a great form of foreplay that isn't even sexual.

9 Take It Slow

If you're trying to get a date with someone of this sign, it's best to be friends first. If you let them think that you only want sex, then they're going to be turned off. They want to know that you like them for them, and that you're not interested in a one-night stand.

10 Pamper Them

Draw them a bath, give them a massage, and buy them scented candles. Do whatever you can in order to pamper them and make them feel like royalty. Don't worry about going overboard, because they'll appreciate anything that you do.

11 Give as Much as You Take

Don't expect this sign to pleasure you without getting something special in return. If you want them to keep giving you affection, you have to reciprocate. That means that you shouldn't be climaxing more than your partner is.

12 Enjoy the Moment

This sign doesn't like to rush, so make sure you spend as much time with foreplay as you do with actual sex. You don't want the occasion to last five minutes and then be over. You need to draw things out, because the longer they wait for some action, the better the overall experience will be.

13 Give Them Freedom

This sign needs personal space. If you want your relationship to last, you can't expect them to be ready to have sex with you whenever you ask for it. You have to let them breathe. Let them live their life without having to constantly sext you or check in. If you give them some space, they'll be more willing to get some action whenever they see you.

14 Be Flexible

You should be flexible, and not just physically. You have to be able to adapt to whatever your partner needs from you. This sign is very open and honest, so they'll have no problem asking you to fulfill a certain need. When they do, make sure you get the job done.

15 Show Your Intelligence

This sign is turned on by the mind as much as the body. That means you should feel free to express your intelligent opinion on the latest masterpiece you've seen or the current state of the economy. Say something smart and they'll be putty in your hands.

16 Use Aphrodisiacs

There are very particular aphrodisiacs that will please this sign. So if you want to turn on your partner, get them some ice cream and let them try the herb yohimbe. Yes, it's that easy.

17 Go to Exotic Locations

This sign likes to get physical in unusual places. Instead of heading to the bedroom the next time you're feeling frisky, try doing it in another room of the house, outside, or even in a car. The more exotic the location is, the more exciting the sex will be.

18 Be Open about Needs

This sign will tell you exactly what they're thinking, no matter how brutal it is, and they want you to do the same. If you want to try something new in the bedroom, spit it out. They won't mind. They'll be thankful for your honesty, so go ahead and say it.

19 Be Playful

Playfulness is key with this sign. Your foreplay should include tons of laughter, jokes, and flirty banter. Don't be serious when you want to impress your lover. You have to stay lighthearted and playful if you want to win their heart.

These are just a few of the sex tips for a Sagittarius that are out there! Do you have any more that you need to share? Give up all of the tips in the comments!

This article was written in collaboration with editor Holly Riordan.

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