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7 Ways to Deal with Waiting for Him to Propose ...

By Erica

It can be nerve wracking if you are ready to get married but you’re waiting for him to propose. So what can you do in the meantime, while waiting? I asked a couple of my friends what they thought, and they all said we should take the initiative to propose to him. I disagreed though, because in my opinion the woman is not supposed to propose. Waiting for him to propose is the best idea; you just have to find ways to deal with waiting.

1 Continue to Pursue Your Interests

While you are waiting for him to propose, you should continue to pursue your hobbies or interests. If you are in school continue to focus so that you can finish out strong. If you don’t have any hobbies find a few. It wouldn’t make sense for you to stop pursuing your interests because you’re focused on marriage at the moment. Find something so that the thought of marriage won’t overtake your mind.

2 Continue to Take Care of Yourself

Continue to pamper yourself just as you would before you were thinking about marriage. Go out with your girls and have fun, because you might not get to spend as much time with them once you’re married. Take yourself out to dinner and enjoy some alone time. Don’t get discouraged because he hasn’t popped the big question yet; continue taking care of yourself.


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3 Stay Committed

Even though it may seem that he will never pop the question you should remain faithful in your relationship. Stepping out of the relationship won’t do anything but push your partner away from you. So don’t go searching for love somewhere else when you have it in your relationship. Give him time, because he just may not be ready.

4 Keep an Open Mind and Heart

While it may be hard to understand why he has not popped the question yet, try to understand why he is waiting. Keep your mind and heart open to his logic behind waiting to ask for your hand in marriage. You may be thinking we’ve already been together for years, but maybe it still is not long enough for him.

5 Stay Motivated within Your Relationship

Remain the same girlfriend you were when you guys first started dating. Don’t push him away because you don’t think he will ever propose. He might be waiting for the perfect moment to surprise you. If you start acting different towards him he may think that you are no longer interested and lose interest himself.

6 Get to Know Him on Another Level

Relationships are about getting to know one another and eventually falling in love. You may think you know everything about your boyfriend because you guys do love one another, but there is always more to find out. Get to know him on an even more personal level than you already do. If he notices your effort in trying to get closer to him he may think it’s time that your relationship is taken to another level.

7 Plan Ahead

If you are looking for marriage, but your boyfriend expresses no intent to propose, maybe you should focus on the future with and without him. Don’t plan to leave him, just make plans that will prepare you if things don’t work out. Keep your head up though, because no matter what you are strong, and were doing just fine before you met him.

If you find yourself waiting for marriage, continue on with your life. It’s nothing that should keep you from continuing what you are already doing. If anything, work harder than you were before if you feel it will help push him to proposing. Why do you think it takes so long for guys to pop the question?

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