7 Awkward Yet Important Convos for Girls in Serious Relationships ...


7 Awkward Yet Important Convos for Girls in Serious Relationships ...
7 Awkward Yet Important Convos for Girls in Serious Relationships ...

Relationships aren't all fun and games. They're a lot of hard work, especially as the years go by. That means you're going to have to do things you're not excited about in order to keep your relationship strong. If you're serious about your boyfriend, then here are a few awkward conversations it's important for you to have:

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Talk about STDs

Talk about STDs You don't want to end up with a sexually transmitted disease. That's why you need to ask your partner about his sexual history before you two get naked. You don't have to ask him for details about what he did in bed with his exes. You just have to ask him if he's been tested recently. If he hasn't, then you should ask him to do you a favor and get himself checked before you agree to sleep with him.


Talk about Finances

Talk about Finances If you two are planning on taking a big step, like moving in together, then you should really talk about your finances beforehand. Even though it's supposed to be a faux pas to ask someone else how much money they make, it's necessary when you're in a serious relationship. That way, you'll know what type of an apartment you'll be able to afford.


Talk about Kids

Talk about Kids It doesn't matter how young you two are. If you're in a super serious relationship, then you should ask him how many kids he wants, or if he wants kids at all. Even though it'll be a while until you actually think about getting pregnant, it's important for you to discuss the possibility early on, so you can figure out if you have a long-term future together or if you'll have to call it quits eventually.


Talk about Exes

Talk about Exes No one wants to hear about their partner's exes, but it's important to learn a little bit about them. After all, they've helped shape your boyfriend into the man he is today. That's why you should find out basic information about them, like where they first met, how long they were together, and why they broke up.


About Meeting Your Parents

About Meeting Your Parents The first time your boyfriend meets your parents is always going to be awkward. Of course, it has to happen eventually. Make sure you talk to your partner about it beforehand, and don't just force him to meet them as a surprise. Make sure he knows what's coming.


About Chores

About Chores You don't want to sound like a nag, but if you two are living together, then you need to have a discussion about who's going to do certain chores. You can't let him stick you with all of the work. You have to let him know that he's the one who's supposed to do the dishes, and you'll take care of the laundry, or vice versa. Just make sure he does his fair share.


About Bodily Functions

About Bodily Functions Yes, this is disgusting. But if you two are serious, then you shouldn't have a problem talking about poop and pimples. You'll be completely open with each other, even about the awkward stuff.

If you two want to last forever, you can't have barriers between the two of you. You need to talk about anything and everything. Have you had all of these awkward conversations with your partner already?

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