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17 Relationship Savings Tips for Living in Close Quarters with Your Man ...

By Heather

Moving in with your partner is a pretty big deal, whether it's the first time or the fifth. You have to adjust when you move in with someone, especially someone you're that intimate with, and you have to discover each other's likes, dislikes, and little quirks. That's cool, that's the fun part! Things get a little tougher when you're living in a small space, though – trust me, I know the struggle! So here are some tips for living in a small space with your significant other that'll keep you from getting scratchy with each other.

1 Respect the Schedule

technology, electronic device, electronics, product, display device, You'll probably need to set up a schedule for bathroom time, kitchen time, and even TV time, especially if you're living together in a small apartment or house. It doesn't mean you have to plan your lives down to the minute, just discover each other's preferences and personal schedules.

2 Organization is HUGE

Organization is HUGE You have to get things organized, otherwise you'll be tripping over each other's stuff and you'll start to get resentful. Find a space for everything and if there's not space for something, think about purging.


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3 Storage is Huge

Storage is Huge Storage will help with organization, plus it'll keep your small space from being cluttered. You might have to get creative with your storage options, though.

4 Multi-purpose Items Are a Must

Multi-purpose Items Are a Must Anything that does double-duty is a must-have for small spaces. Decorate together, choosing furniture, cleaning tools, and even kitchen appliances that do more than one job.

5 Clean up Your Mess

Clean up Your Mess Don't leave the place looking like a pigsty! It's rude, it's inconsiderate, and it's unfair on your partner. Even if you hate cleaning, try to clean up any big messes – especially if you made them!

6 Pick out the Furniture Together (measure First!)

Pick out the Furniture Together (measure First!) This is a great way to bond and have fun – buying new stuff for your place is one of the best parts! But definitely do measure because you don't want to find a couch or a bed that you absolutely love, only to discover that it's too big for your small space.

7 Divide the Closet Evenly (girls, I Mean You)

textile, girl, organ, tradition, fashion design, Compromise is key. Yes, with the floor space, too.

8 Create Your Own Private Spaces

Create Your Own Private Spaces Make a little corner for yourself, something just for you. Both of you need that. If possible, try to make your spaces quite separate.

9 Be Aware and Considerate

Be Aware and Considerate This is just a general tip, but it's a good idea to remind yourself often. Living with someone you love is awesome, but there are always issues, and those issues can double when you're living in a small place.

10 Resist on Doubling up on Items

Resist on Doubling up on Items You don't need more than one of most items. For instance, you don't really need two blenders or kettles, you don't really need two vacuum cleaners or mops, etcetera.

11 Room Dividers Are Sometimes a Godsend

Room Dividers Are Sometimes a Godsend They create the illusion of more rooms, you can get incredibly creative with them, and they make it easy to create your own private spaces.

12 Purge – a Lot

Purge – a Lot Don't just purge a lot, do it often – once or twice a year, at least, but you might even want to do it every season. It depends on how much stuff you accumulate, and how quickly.

13 Don't Buy Large Things without Consulting One Another

Don't Buy Large Things without Consulting One Another You're sharing space with someone else. You can't buy a gigantic desk or a bulky piece of exercise equipment without consulting your partner.

14 Split the Chores Evenly

Split the Chores Evenly Mind you, it's okay to split them up based on which chores you dislike. If you hate washing dishes, let you partner do that while you take over cleaning the bathroom, vacuuming, or dusting.

15 Make a Furniture Plan

Make a Furniture Plan You want to make the most of your space, after all. Make sure that you're both comfortable with your configuration.

16 Accept Saying Goodbye to Most Forms of Privacy

interaction, product, girl, conversation, You can't really get away from each other in a small space, after all. See why you need to make a special area?

17 Brighten up Your Space

Brighten up Your Space Brighter, lighter colors will make your space look bigger. You can decorate using mirrors, too!

Are you living with your partner in a tiny space? How's it going?

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