Things We Can't Change about Men No Matter How Hard We Try ...


While it’s ok to embark on a journey to make your man a better person – a journey you should take together and certainly shouldn’t be forced- there are some things you will just never change. You’ll need to learn to live with these things because even if you’re prepared to take on the huge challenge, it’s futile and you’re doomed to failure. Save yourself the effort and heartache and just accept these things you’ll never change about men.

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His Love of Sports

If your man is a sports fan, then no matter how hard you try to get him to cuddle with you in bed instead of meeting up with the guys for Sunday Night Football, he’s going to pick the NFL every single time. Don’t take it personally; sports love runs real deep!


He’s a Momma’s Boy

All guys are momma’s boys deep down, so the less you focus on trying to break that bond and the more you try to make an impact in his life in your own special way, the better you will get along with him and his family!


His Little White Lies

You shouldn’t demand total honesty from him. Of course, he must be honest on all the big issues, but don’t get at him for the little white lies he might tell to keep you happy, like the fact that your bum definitely DOESN’T look big in that dress!


His Favorite Tipple

Whether it’s beer or a good scotch, you won’t be able to change your man’s drinking tastes to suit your own. You might like a fancy cocktail, but he will always be a beer guy and there’s nothing you can do about it.


His Wandering Eye

You know the way you drool over hot celebs and guys? He will definitely do that too with other women! The thing is not to get annoyed with the looking, because you do the same and you are the only woman that he actually being intimate with!


He’s a Couch Potato

If he’s a self-professed couch potato then there is nothing that is going to change his ways at this stage in his life. Just save your sanity and go for your morning runs on your own. His slight laziness shouldn’t prevent you from being active.


His Fashion Sense

He is a grown adult with the ability to make his own choices. At this point you are never going to able to mold his fashion style in to something that you prefer. I’m afraid you are just going to have to learn to live with his questionable sweater patterns!


His Gross Habits

All men have some gross habits. They might be the same as the next but they all have a few, and though you might be able to ignore them, you are never going to be able to fully eradicate them from his behavior!


His Car Etiquette

If he is as stubborn as some of the men I have known, then he will absolutely never stop the car to ask for directions, no matter how lost you are and no matter how long you have been searching for your destination!


His Objection to Your Routine

In my experience, he will never, ever be able to get over how long it takes you to get ready compared to his own routine. He’ll no doubt complain about it forever, but he will always be blown away when you come down the stairs looking amazing!

I’m sure you can think of other things we’ll never change about men. Let’s share them in the comments.

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Pathetic. Yes you should demand honestly. That is total bs.

i agree

Negatory. When a man meets the right woman nothing is impossible.

Even if he says he doesnt have hoes is that considered a big issue or white line?

Isnt that singns of a controllong men?

Why would you want to change anything

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