7 Bro Code Rules You Should Know about if You Want a BF ...


You know all about girl code, but how much do you know about how the bro code works? Most of their rules are similar to ours, but some of them differ a bit. It's time to learn the difference, so here are a few bro code rules you should know about if you want a boyfriend:

1. Never Date a Friend’s Ex

Never Date a Friend’s Ex

You would never date your best friend's ex, would you? Well, men live by the same rules. They don't want to disrespect their buddies, or risk losing their friendships, by hooking up with the same girl. So if you're even a little bit interested in a guy, don't date his friend. After you date one guy in a group, all of his buddies are going to be off limits to you. So think before you hook up.

Bros before Hoes


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