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17 Situations to Fantasize about Your Crush in ...

By Holly

How much time do you spend daydreaming about your crush? Well, instead of thinking about him asking you out in the same way that you always do, it's time to get a little more creative. Here are a few situations to fantasize about your crush in:

1 Getting Stranded on a Desert Island

mouth,interaction,emotion,romance,kiss, Imagine being stuck on an island with your crush. Then you two would definitely end up together.

2 Pretending to Be Dating

black and white,monochrome photography,monochrome,film noir,screenshot, This scenario has happened on tons of TV shows. Imagine if, for whatever reason, your crush had to pretend to be your boyfriend. Then he'd fall for you for real, of course.

3 Having Him Help You after You Get Hurt

mud, Imagine your crush rushing over to help you after you fall. Imagine him gently touching your skin as he bandages you up.

Faiii and 8 I always do lol!...

4 Having Him as Your Waiter at Applebees

gentleman,screenshot, Imagine going to your favorite restaurant and seeing your crush there. Maybe he'd leave his number on the receipt.

5 Realizing He's at the Same Party as You

MTV Hits,nightclub,disco,club,music, Imagine getting dressed in your fanciest clothes, going to a fun party, and running into your crush while you were there. Maybe he'd ask you to dance!

6 Doing a Group Project Together

musical theatre,screenshot,DAMNED,BOOK!, Daydreams about school don't have to be boring. If you two were stuck doing a project together, he'd invite you over his house.

7 Having a Friend Fix You Two up

romance,marriage,First,thing,you, Imagine going on a blind date, and it turns out that your crush is the one you've been matched up with.

8 Physically Hitting into Each Other

anime,art,screenshot,drawing,sketch, Imagine walking around campus and accidentally bumping into your crush so hard that you both fall. Sure, it would be embarrassing, but it would get you two talking.

9 Having a Secret Relationship

hair,face,facial hair,nose,man, Everyone loves Romeo and Juliet. There's something sexy about having a secret relationship.

10 Getting Matched on a Dating Site

Gadget, Electronic device, Technology, Electronics, Mobile phone, Imagine signing up for a dating site, and then getting matched up with your crush.

11 Getting Stuck outside during a Fire Drill

person,clown,performing arts,profession,Fire!, Imagine getting stuck outside with him in the freezing cold. He might offer to give you his jacket like a true gentleman.

12 Working Together at Your New Job

room,structure,sport venue,leg,arm, Imagine getting a new job, and realizing that your crush is your new boss.

13 Seeing Him Drunk at the Bar

performing arts,dance,team sport,entertainment,performance art, Imagine catching him drunk. He might be more honest after a little bit of alcohol and end up admitting feelings for you.

14 Getting Seated Next to Him on a Plane

black,white,photograph,black and white,photography, Imagine taking a long plane ride and getting seated next to your crush. You'd have hours to work up the courage to speak to him.

15 Hooking up during Your High School Reunion

nightclub,musical theatre,audience, It's time to think about the future. In ten years, when you go to your high school reunion, imagine how sexy you'll look when you see him.

16 Having Him Randomly Kiss You

person,interaction, Imagine him walking right up to you, grabbing you, and kissing you. The surprise would make you go wild.

17 Getting Stuck in Elevator Together

human action,black and white,person,kiss,monochrome photography, How much fun would it be to get stuck in an elevator alone with him? Then you two would be forced to bond.

Now you'll have something fun to daydream about! What other situations do you suggest fantasizing about your crush in?

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