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How to Get Him to Kiss You ...

By Neecey

Sometimes guys just don’t catch on to our signals. You’re on a hot date and despite your body language he just isn’t puckering up. He might think you’re not ready, he might be scared but whatever, you want him to get on with it. So why not take the initiative in getting him to kiss you.

1 Move in Close

Move in Close One of the best ways to get him to kiss you is to move in close to let your intentions be known in a somewhat subtle way. The physical intimacy that can be created just from the slightest lean in towards each other can really pump up the excitement and inspire him to go in for the lip lock. Trust me, it works every single time once you have perfected it!

2 Eye Contact

Eye Contact You can say a hell of a lot with your eyes without having to make any sounds with your mouth to accompany them! Eye contact is a wonderful thing, it can evoke several different emotions, one of which being that you really want your man to grab you and give you a good old fashion smooch! Trust in the power of your own eyes, make contact with him and send the messages across!


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3 Hand Holding

Hand Holding Handholding can be a very intimate act, and in many cases can be the prelude to a passionate kiss. While you’re sitting together on the couch, lock your fingers with his and let him feel the intimacy and affection that you are feeling for him. He will quickly get the message and see that you are looking to do a little more than just hold hands together. A kiss will definitely follow suit!

4 Whisper

Whisper Whispering to one another can lead up to a kiss for several different reasons, with the biggest two being that one, the low tone of a whisper, especially an affectionate whisper, can be incredibly sexy, and two, the whispering to somebody requires you to get real up close and personal. Once you’re that close to a person’s face, it would be rude for him to not to go all the way and give you a nice kiss, right!?

5 Start with a Cheek Kiss

Start with a Cheek Kiss Whether you are saying goodbye or saying hello, lean in for a cheek kiss but instead of treating it like kissing your grandma, let your face linger next to his for a second and see if he takes up the opportunity to plant a much more meaningful sign of affection on your lips. Some guys can be a little nervous about initiating, but if you can let him see that a kiss is definitely want you want, I’m sure he’ll be eager to answer your request!

6 Don’t Let “Goodnight’ Be Your Final Words

Don’t Let “Goodnight’ Be Your Final Words If he seems unsure as to whether to kiss you or night after a date, make it plain to him that you just want a goodnight hug by staying outside when him until he understands that you want a proper goodbye! He will have seen enough movies to understand what your reluctance to go back inside means!

7 Tell Him!

Tell Him! Sometimes, with all the will in the world, some guys just cannot pick up on the subliminal messages and hints that we send. If all else fails, just bite the bullet and, take charge of the situation and tell him exactly what you want! He might be sensitive of your feelings and boundaries, but if you let him know verbally that you want to kiss, then there will be nothing left to hold him back!

8 Make the First Move

screenshot, interaction, This is for the bold and the fearless! Making the first move isn't ideal, but, when he just isn't getting the hint, sometimes a girl has got to take action herself!

9 Draw Attention to Your LiPs

face, black and white, nose, head, mouth, A guy won't know your lips are desirable unless he notices them. Use a shiny gloss, chew on a straw, bite your lip, anything to make him see them and maybe it'll get him to want to kiss them.

10 The Right Mood

human action, person, black and white, photograph, kiss, You may be such an outgoing person you don't care where the first kiss is; he however might be shy and wanting to have it be private. Make sure the mood is right and you two are in a position that you're both comfortable in for the big moment to happen.

Have you ever done that any of these?

Want to know one of my stories? I was a 14/15 year old on an exchange trip to France and was much enamored with an 18 year old French boy. Standing at the gate one day he looked at me and said kiss me! I turned to jelly and will always remember the sound of my heartbeat. It is a magical memory. And yes. I kissed him ^_^

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