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7 Different Ways to Catch Him if He's Cheating ...

By Holly

Back in the day, it was easy for a man to get away with cheating. Now, with all of the technology that we have, it's a whole lot harder. While you shouldn't invade your man's privacy on a hunch, there's nothing wrong with doing a little snooping if you expect him of cheating. Here are a few different ways that men have been caught in the past:

1 Checking His Email
Most cheaters are smart enough to delete their risky text messages, and replace their lover's name with a fake name in their phones. However, plenty of men have been caught by their girlfriends snooping through their emails or Facebook messages. There's so many different ways to contact each other today that it's almost impossible for him to erase all evidence of being unfaithful.

2 Tracking the GPS on His Phone

Tracking the GPS on His Phone You might not know it, but your iPhone actually has a GPS tracker on it. Plus, there are plenty of apps that women can download to keep tabs on their man's phone. Some women even go the extra mile and purchase a GPS tracker to stick to their man's car. That way, they're able to see if he's really still at work when he says he is.

3 Leaving the Baby Monitor out

Leaving the Baby Monitor out Some women with babies will use their children to their advantage. When their man is on the phone, they'll keep the baby monitor near him. That way, she'll be able to hear everything from his end of the conversation. Then she can see if he's really talking to his friend from work, or if he's talking to the other woman that he's been seeing.

4 Counting the Miles on His Car

Counting the Miles on His Car Women know how long it takes their man to drive from home to work. That's why they'll look at the mileage on his car. If it's too high or low, then it suggests that he wasn't actually going to work. He was going someplace else entirely.

5 Checking the Phone Bill

Checking the Phone Bill If a woman shares a house and a phone bill with a man, she can use that bill to see if he's cheating. It'll say how many text messages he's been receiving a month, and if she doesn't know where those texts are coming from (because he's been erasing them), then it's pretty clear he has a secret.

6 Checking His Garbage Can

Checking His Garbage Can This one sounds pretty gross, but some women will check their man's garbage for clues. If there are old condoms inside that she knows he didn't use with her, then it's clear he's been cheating. If there are old tampons in there that don't belong to her, she'll come to the same conclusion.

7 Coming over Unannounced

Coming over Unannounced In the past, the most common way men were caught cheating was by having their girlfriends walk in unexpectedly. Well, unfortunately, that can still happen in this day and age. Some women will purposely go to their man's house unannounced to see if he's actually alone, or if he has some female company.

It hurts a whole lot more to be cheated on than to be broken up with. That's why men need to start leaving us when they're unhappy instead of stringing us along. It's not fair to either one of us. Have you ever been cheated on?

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