How to Get a Hottie to Notice You at the Gym ...


How to Get a Hottie to Notice You at the Gym ...
How to Get a Hottie to Notice You at the Gym ...

The gym is one of the best places to meet hot men. After all, your adrenaline is already pumping, which should give you the courage and energy to walk right up to him and start flirting. If that sounds scary, Your Tango has some tips that can help you get noticed by the cute guy at your gym.

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Take off Your Ear Buds

Take off Your Ear Buds You want to look approachable. The best way to do that is to keep your earbuds out of your ears, so you can talk to him.


Ask Him to Spot You

Ask Him to Spot You This won't even sound flirty, so there's no need to worry about rejection.


Make Friends with the Staff

Make Friends with the Staff If you become friends with them, then they might introduce you to that guy you've been eying.


Take a Class

Take a Class It'll be easier to talk to him if you're in a class with him. Then you can sit next to him while you workout and casually chat.


Ask for Help with a Lifting Technique
If you don't know how to use a machine, don't be embarrassed. Ask for his help.


Make Eye Contact

Make Eye Contact The first step to flirting with him is making eye contact with him. Make sure to smile!


Compliment Him

Compliment Him You don't have to comment on his muscles. Just tell him you're impressed he can lift such heavy weights.

Are there any cuties at your gym?

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@Joanne that is so stupid. You can find dates anywhere. Libraries, stores , etc

Do people seriously go to the gym to try to pick up someone? 😆 the gym is for working out not picking up your next hook up

I now suspect these articles for my confusion in the gym. I just can't get why ppl come with full make up and stick on lashes for gym. Most guys go to gym seriously and they avoid distractions

My best friend's parents met at a gym so it isn't true

Gyms are for working out my humble opinion. You run the risk of looking desperate if you flirt with the opposite sex at the gym. Try going to a nightclub or online if you are looking for a date.

@Joanne I totally agree with you. I wouldn't suggest anyone to find a a guy in the gym, of course there are hot guys but it's a workout place and everyone like both sexes are seeing everyone how they work out, so one can help if you look at guys in general and that goes for guys looking at girls too. Everyone is seeing everyone's body while working out.. That's why I prefer to work out at home hehe it's more private. Not like weirdos staring at you while you workout you know..

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