7 Tips for Getting over Your Crush Who's Taken ...

By Teresa

Getting over a crush who’s taken is never easy. Unfortunately, though, at some point in our lives we’ll all be in that situation. Whether you have been in the past, or are going through it right now, we’ve all been there. Getting over a crush who’s taken is difficult, but possible. Just follow my simple tips and you’ll be on the road to getting over your crush!

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Accept It

Accept that it’s not going to happen. This is one of the most difficult aspects of getting over a crush, but it’s also the most important. Even if a relationship with your crush could happen somewhere down the road, right now it’s not. They’re taken. The more quickly you can accept it, the easier it will be to get over it.


Meet New People

Getting your mind off of the situation is essential to forgetting about your taken crush. A good way to get your mind off of the situation is to meet new people. Meet new potential love interests, or meet some new friends. This is good to do especially if your crush is also your friend. Staying away from your group of friends and finding some new friends, at least for the time being, is a perfect way to get over your taken crush.


Have New Experiences

Have some new experiences and make some new memories! It’s a good way to try and forget about the situation, but making new memories may help you to focus more on your new memories and less on the old memories with your taken crush!


Find Things That Bother You

It sounds so juvenile, but making a list of the things that bother you about your crush will help you get over it faster. Sometimes you have to focus on all of the things you hate about the person you like just to get over them. It doesn’t always have to be so hostile, but it might be better off that way at the beginning.


Distance Yourself

Depending on how close you are with your taken crush, it’s going to be more or less difficult to distance yourself. You can distance yourself mentally by choosing not to spend time with them. You can also distance yourself physically by getting a change in environment. If your circumstances allow for it, travel for a little while or even move away. Sometimes all it takes is a little bit of distance, whether mentally or physically, to get over your taken crush.

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Be Sad

Allow yourself time to mourn. Don’t focus months of your life on it, but let yourself be sad for a few days. It’s okay to be sad, it’s the only way you’ll ever truly and healthily get over it!


Don’t Relapse

Whatever you do, once you’re over your taken crush, don’t go back to them while they’re still taken. It’s not worth everything you just went through to get over them. It’s hard to get over a crush, especially when they’re taken, and it’s not worth it to relapse. It’s not worth the inevitable pain. You’ve mourned, you’ve distanced yourself, and you’ve accepted it, why would you go back?

It’s never easy to get over a crush who’s taken. Have you ever had a crush on someone in a relationship? How did you get over it? Share your stories in the comments!

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I can kind of relate. There's this guy who I really liked for two years and he liked me back and we became good friends, not very close but 'pals'. All this time, he gave me signals but never actually said anything to me. That's what annoys me so much about him. He's immature, and why wouldn't he say anything? I'm not over him 100%, but I'm getting there. Btw, what does it mean if he unfriended me on Facebook?

here's my situation: i like this guy for a few months. he has a gf:/ i dont think i've ever talked to him we have a class together and sonetimes i look over at him and he's looking at me. and he recently liked one of my facebook pics. could he like me?

It has been 3 years since my crush was taken. I still can't get over him.

So there is this guy I really like and he really likes me, he had a girlfriend up until a week ago. We have been talking for the past month and he never mentioned he had a girlfriend until I finally asked him. He said that things have been bad with them and they were "on their way out." The next day he texts me saying his life is no longer complicated and they broke up. I have to admit I was a little excited. Like I said its been a week since they broke up, but he's been kinda distant towards me. I've been just trying to play it cool, but I'm not sure what's going on right now. I don't expect to jump into a relationship with him.

@Kylie 2 1/2 here... it sucks!!

Ive got situation like this. Lol ive done some tips, before reading this one. Lol and it kinda work though. i have bitter and nega thoughts about having crush on someone or liking someone because i dont want to turn out just the way it is like liking someone who has girlfriend already.

I have some trouble I'm 12 years old and my crush is in my class help me I'm dead inside he likes my bestie what do I do

My crush isn't exactly taken but someone told him that I like him. What should I do?

Have you ever thought you and your crushes girlfriend could be best friends if you obviously have the same taste

When I distanced myself from my crush.. It was so obvious because I could never escape him. It was worse wen we just so happened to get the same job out of town, where we had to work together. I felt more comfortable because his GF was miles away each weekend & he was all to myself ;)