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7 Positive Thoughts to Have after a Breakup ...

By Holly

Even if it seems like your world is ending, there are positive thoughts to have after a break up. It’s difficult to get over the boy you loved, but your time with him wasn’t a waste. Try not to spend too much time crying over losing him. Counteract your depression with these positive thoughts to have after a break up.

1 Magical Memories

At first, it might be difficult to think about all of the great times you two shared. However, one day you’ll be able to look back on your memories and smile. You shouldn’t be upset that your time together is over. You should be happy that you had any time together at all. Any amount of happiness he gave you made the relationship worth it. One of the positive thoughts to have after a break up is that your ex gave you some of the best days (or years) of your life. You were lucky to be together, even if your happiness wasn’t permanent.

2 What I Want

Even if you loved the boy you were with, there have to be a few things that you disliked about him. Think about the traits that annoyed you and the things that led to your breakup. Keep these things in mind so that your next relationship runs smoothly. Every moment is a learning experience. If your ex taught you something about what you do or don’t want in a man, then being with him was worth it.

3 Practice Makes Perfect

Dating your ex wasn’t a waste. All of the make-out sessions you had made you a better kisser. All of those late night conversations you had made you more willing to express your emotions. The next boy you meet could be your soulmate. Your ex helped you prepare for meeting him by giving you skills that will help in your next relationship.

4 Other Men

Don’t believe that your ex is the only guy who will ever love you or think you’re beautiful. Instead, be happy that he thought so highly of you, and know that other men will share his opinion. He’s not the only guy in the world. There are plenty of people out there that would love to be with you. You’ll find someone just as good as him--or even better!

5 Other Things

Men don’t make the world go ‘round. You have friends, family, and hobbies that can keep you occupied. If most of your time was spent with your ex, your breakup will give you more free time to work on your artwork or start the book you’ve been dying to read. Put your free time to good use. Start a new project, go out with friends, or do whatever it is that makes you the happiest.

6 Now You Know

Could you picture a world where you said no to the first date that your ex asked you on? If you turned him down, you never would have known whether your relationship would or wouldn’t have worked out. Even though it’s over, at least you know that you tried. If you didn’t go out with him, you’d always be wondering if you should’ve. Be happy that you made the decision to let him in and tried to make things work.

7 Opened Opportunities

You’ll need some time to heal, but then you can go out and find a new man. Did you miss flirting with the cute boys at work? Have you daydreamed about the guy that delivers pizza to you every Friday? Now that you’re single, you can try to turn your desires into reality. You’re no longer tied down, so you can date anyone that you want!

The end of a relationship doesn't have to be filled with misery. You can cast a positive light on the time with your ex and allow yourself to move on. Have you recently gone through a breakup? How are you handling it?

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