7 Ways to Get over Someone You Never Had ...

By Heather

7 Ways to Get over Someone You Never Had ...

Finding the right ways to get over someone that you've never, ever had is difficult! We've all had that crush that we can't get over, we've all had that feeling of trying to get over someone that we've never had before , but how do you actually move past those feelings? Below, I've come up with the top 7 ways to get over someone you've never had and how you can move on from the relationship that was never yours.

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Don't Dwell

Firstly, you've got to remember that you shouldn't dwell on something that you've never had! This is one of the surefire ways to get over someone you've never had – don't dwell! Dwelling on how well they looked passing you in the hallway or how great they smelled that one time you interacted isn't going to help you move on.


Don't Obsess over Small Things

While this might seem similar to dwelling, obsessing over the small things, such as a small touch, a light conversation or even an invitation to eat lunch together doesn't mean that you had the person and it certainly isn't a cause for obsession. You've really got to make sure that you don't obsess, as that is a surefire barrier that will hold you back from moving on.


You Might Have Remembered It Wrong

How about your memory? Do you really think that the person you are interested in was interested in you? Do you remember their moods and how they reacted to you correctly? Did they really … actually flirt with you? If they didn't pursue a relationship with you outright and didn't want to become at least friends to find out more about you, those little things you are obsessing over – you might have remembered them wrong.


Keep Active

You've really got to make sure that you are keeping yourself active when you are trying to get over someone that you've never, ever had. Why not take up a hobby or even start something new and fresh that you've never done before? Exercising is also a great release of nervous energy!


Make Plans on Your Own

While keeping active is great, you've also got to make plans of your own. For example, going out for a night out on the town with your girlfriends or even heading out on your own to dance the night away is absolutely one of the greatest ways to get over a relationship that you never had.

Famous Quotes

Men in general judge more from appearances than from reality. All men have eyes, but few have the gift of penetration.

Niccolò Machiavelli

Realize You Never Had Them

While you might live in the future, where you might have been in a relationship with this guy or girl, but you weren't. Facing this reality is so, so hard but it will really help in getting over them. Remember girls, keep your chin up!


It's Okay to Cry

Finally, it's okay to cry! A lot of people think that crying isn't something that you should ever do, that you shouldn't ever allow yourself to mourn the relationship, but that simply isn't true. So cry all you want girls, get it all out.

Now that you have some direction on how to get over that relationship that was never yours, what other methods do you have? Share them below with me! I'd love to hear how you get over relationships.

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how do you get over a boy who you like on and off? a boy who likes you on and off? timing is never right, so it isn't right then is it? but the hope he gives me... it bring me up and then i drop, it sucks. just cut him from my life? i can't imagine no him, he's woven in over time, but if there isn't a way? we're really unbalancing each other's datelife

Im lost cause I really like this guy and he knows I like him but idk how to persuade him or show him that I could be the one and to just give me a chance what should I do?

I have feelings for a guy I never dated. I'm pretty sure I never even had a chance with him. He flirted a lot, then we hung out and after that, it's like we aren't friends. I even work with him. I enjoyed talking to him outside of work because I felt I had a real friend. I'm trying to forget about "it" all, but it's really hard. He even knows how I feel, but he constantly flirts with other girls right in front of me. I feel like I just want to cry.

Yea well I've never actually talked about this online..umm so there's this guy that I've been gushing over for about six years now. It's the typical neighbor hottie that's the football quarterback and we go to that same church and ugh it's just horrible because I know a guy like him would never go for a girl like me we had a class together but we didn't really talk. I feel like such a stalker becuase everywhere I look he's there and he probably thinks I some loser that has an obsession. My friends tell me to talk to him but I know that won't help anything and I'm too shy. Ugh. I just need to get over him and accept the fact that he'll never like me. Hmp. Any advise?

Tearsss* :(

This is my life as we speak smh!

yesterday was the last day of school for me and I am going to a different school next year..I have a crush on this kid at my school but the problem is he is in a lower grade and now I am going to middle school and u will never see him again😰 even though I did not no him that we'll I sill liked him and I new he would never like me and now I will never see him again and I don't no what to do..I have tried talking to my friend but It is like they don't care..I don't no what to do..please any help

I must admit that I feel a little silly about commenting on one of these... But an impartial third party would definitely help. I am a high school/college student with a little bit of dating under my belt. I haven't dated in two years, though- my last relationship ended in an absolutely horrid manner and I have been reluctant to trust anybody since. He is a college freshman (a complete nerd, like me) with absolutely no dating under his belt. We met at work in September and I quickly developed feelings for him. This was a surprise for me. So, anyways... We started going to movies and stuff (in groups and alone), but I always initiated these outings. As he went to high school with my friend, I knew quite a bit of his background and assumed it was because he was shy with girls. So, last Friday night I revealed to him (using a flip book) that I "was wondering if he go on a date with me?") He smiled the entire time I presented the flip book, and said that he "would love to go on a date with me." He confirmed that it would be his first. (I FEEL LIKE I'M WRITING A BOOK FOR YOU GUYS- please be patient with me). So we arranged to go to Thor on Sunday at 7. We're both comic nuts. We talked in the parking lot for around 30 minutes after the movie and he asked if he could kiss me. And I, of course, said yes. So we kissed once. It was his first kiss. It was chaste. But super sweet. Afterwards, I texted him. I told him I had an amazing time and he said that there would be a second date. But when I texted him on Thursday, asking him if he would be able to do something over the weekend, he didn't even respond. I mean, I wouldn't have been angry had he said no. But it does bother me that he doesn't seem to deem me worthy of a response. And on Friday, at work, he treated me in the same way he always does (which isn't bad) but didn't even seem to acknowledge that I had sent the message or even that the date had even occurred. I really don't want to seem overly clingy.... But I have never put my heart out on the line like I did before... And to be honest, I kind of regret it because I now feel ridiculously vulnerable. I keep thinking it could be because of my body (I'm 5'6 and weigh 171 pounds, so I'm kind of fat) and he's ridiculously skinny (he's probably 5'10 and he once told me he weighs 170)... But anyways, we don't look that awkward together. I mean, I'm losing weight and since he's taller than me, I don't look like a giant next to him. I've rambled long enough. To the point- Has he already lost interest? Was he never interested? I know you haven't met him, but... I tried to be as thorough as possible. PS- please don't sugarcoat it. If the information that I have given indicates that he doesn't want me, then please tell me.