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17 Ways to Get Him to like You That Will Backfire ...

By Holly

You need to be careful when you choose a flirting technique. If you pick the wrong one, you'll end up pushing your crush away instead of seducing him. Here are a few ways that women try to get their crush to like them that will pretty much always backfire:

1 Badmouthing Other Girls

Badmouthing Other Girls Calling other girls ugly won't make you look prettier. It'll either make you look mean spirited or just plain jealous.

2 Pretending to Be Someone You’re Not

Pretending to Be Someone You’re Not Don't act like you love his favorite band or television show. It'll be hard to keep up the act, so he'll figure out you were lying eventually.

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3 Flirting with Others in Front of Him

Flirting with Others in Front of Him Don't flirt with other men in front of your crush. It'll just make him think that you aren't interested in him.

4 Eating Seductively

Eating Seductively Don't grab a banana or a lollipop and eat it seductively like you've seen other girls do in the movies. You won't look sexy. You'll just look silly.

5 Getting Friends to Ask Him out

Getting Friends to Ask Him out It's a little childish to beg your friend to ask out your crush for you. He'd be more impressed if you actually walked up to him yourself.

6 Laughing at Everything He Says

Laughing at Everything He Says Don't giggle whenever random words leave his mouth. Your laughter will mean a whole lot more if you only release it after something genuinely funny.

7 Playing Hard to Get

Playing Hard to Get If he asks you out, don't pretend you're busy all week. If you're free, and you want to see him, then see him.

8 Ignoring His Texts Completely

Ignoring His Texts Completely If you ignore his messages, he'll assume that you want nothing to do with him. Then he'll never text you again.

9 Waiting Hours to Text Him Back

Waiting Hours to Text Him Back If you want to have a conversation with him, don't wait hours to text him back. It won't make you seem any more desirable.

10 Sending Him Nudes

Sending Him Nudes If you're uncomfortable sending him pictures, then don't. He might use them to masturbate and then be done with you.

11 Twirling Your Hair

Twirling Your Hair You've probably been told to play with your hair to impress boys. However, that can just make you look ridiculous.

12 Pretending to Be Stupid

Pretending to Be Stupid Don't pretend that you're failing a class when you're acing it. Intelligence is sexy, after all.

13 Liking All of His Profile Pictures

Liking All of His Profile Pictures You can use social media to show him you like him. However, you don't want to go overboard by liking every single status and picture he posts. It'll scare him away.

14 Just Staring at Him

Just Staring at Him Instead of simply staring at him, walk up to him and ask him out. Staring for too long will look creepy.

15 Telling Him about All of the Guys That like You

Telling Him about All of the Guys That like You Don't try to make him jealous by bragging about all of the boys that like you. It won't impress him.

16 Using Cheesy Pickup Lines

Using Cheesy Pickup Lines They might work in movies, but they rarely work in real life. Come up with your own opening line instead of using a cliche one.

17 Being Mean to Him

color, hair, facial expression, face, nose, You can tease him, but don't go overboard. You don't want him thinking that you hate him when you actually love him.

These flirting techniques will only drive your crush away, so they're not worth the risk. Have you ever done any of these things to try to win your crush over?

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