7 Low-Key Ways to Let Him Know You're Single ...


7 Low-Key Ways to Let Him Know You're Single ...
7 Low-Key Ways to Let Him Know You're Single ...

When you like a guy, you'll need to find out if he's single. Once you do, it's just as important for you to let him know that you're available, as well. That way, he'll know that you won't mind if he makes a move--it might even encourage him to go ahead and get on with it. If you're crushing on a certain someone, here are a few low-key ways to let him know you're single:

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Post a “single Girls Night” Picture on Instagram

If you follow him on Instagram, then he'll probably follow you right back. After that's done, go out with your friends and take a sexy group picture. Post it with a caption about how you're all single ladies having fun. That way, when he sees it, it'll be clear that you're unattached. Plus, it never hurts for him to see a gorgeous picture of you.


Add Him on Facebook

Add Him on Facebook Social media is the easiest way to show him that you're single. If you aren't Facebook friends with him yet, then you should add him. That way, he'll take a look at your profile page and see your relationship status. Don't forget to set it to single. Otherwise, he's still going to be stuck wondering what your situation is.


Jokingly Say, “this is Why I’m Single”

Jokingly Say, “this is Why I’m Single” If you two are friends, then you can subtly mention that you're single during a conversation. The next time you spill something on yourself or say something awkward, you can jokingly say, "This is why I'm single." Then it'll be clear that you don't have another man in your life.


Ask about His Girlfriend

This move will kill two birds with one stone. If you're still not sure if your crush has a girlfriend, then you should ask him about it. Instead of being blunt, say something like, "Your shirt is cute. Did your girlfriend pick it out for you?" Hopefully, he'll tell you that he's single, and then you can tell him that you are, too.


Let Your Friend Drop the Hint

Let Your Friend Drop the Hint If your friends are also his friends, then let them do the dirty work for you. You don't want to act like first graders by getting them to ask him out for you. However, you can ask them to randomly mention that they can't believe how a great catch like you is still single. He should get the hint.

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Talk about a Celebrity

Talk about a Celebrity Men don't always like hearing about your celebrity crushes. However, talking about them might help you out. The next time your crush talks to you about Breaking Bad, you can tell him that you'd love to date a guy like Aaron Paul. That should get you on the topic of dating, so it won't be strange for you to mention that you're single.


Ask Him out

Ask Him out If you want him to know you're single, you must want to date him--and if you want to date him, just ask him out! That'll make it pretty clear that you're unattached. Plus, this way you won't have to sit around wondering if he feels the same way about you. You'll know right away if you don't stand a chance, or if he wants to date you, too.

If you're unattached, you need to let your crush know, so that he doesn't hesitate to ask you out. What other low-key ways could you let a guy know that you're single?

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I have a suggestion but it's not low-key. I will raise my fourth finger (right one) and declare, "When will any man ever put a ring on it?".

Everyone always knows I'm single. I think it's my dance moves.

This article screams desperation! If you're interested in someone and it look like the feeling is mutual, just go for it. Life is way too short to be playing mind games.

He could just ask....!

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