10 Tips to Help Your Man Understand You Better than Ever ...


10 Tips to Help Your Man Understand You Better than Ever ...
10 Tips to Help Your Man Understand You Better than Ever ...

Not everything in a relationship comes easily. In fact, understanding each other can be quite difficult at times. If you feel like your man never understands you then this’s the advice you’ve been searching for. With these strategies, miscommunications will become a thing of the past.

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Truly Get to Know Each Other

black and white, entertainment, performance art, monochrome photography, dance, Getting to know each other takes time. It isn’t something that can be accomplished overnight or even over a week or a month. Realize that you’re always going to be learning more about each other. You’re learning what makes him tick and he’s learning the same about you. You can help things along by talking and sharing about yourselves.


Give Him the Summary

black and white, monochrome photography, monochrome, darkness, film noir, Men don’t love details like women do. They’re perfectly satisfied with the summary of a story rather than every tiny bit of the story. A woman will listen to a detailed story and still have questions; this isn’t the case for a man. Give him the main points in a summary and he’s satisfied with that amount of information. So it’s usually best to save the long version for your best friend.


Explain Your Feelings

black and white, person, human positions, monochrome photography, monochrome, While this certainly isn’t always the case, guys generally aren’t as emotional as women are. Therefore, a lot of emotion from you can feel confusing to your man. He may not understand why a situation was so upsetting to you, as much as he really wants to. It can be helpful to explain why you feel the way you do. Explaining that you feel sad because you felt you deserved the promotion more than a coworker goes a long way.


Let Him Know It Helps You to Talk

black and white, person, photography, human positions, monochrome photography, Most women feel better after they talk even if they don’t reach a solution. Men are not wired this way. They usually aren’t as into sharing as women. Let him know that just talking about what’s going on makes you feel better. Most men are happy to listen to their girlfriend or wife talk once they understand this. You’re the woman he loves most in the entire world and he’s happy to give you support once he understands how to.


Tell Him What You Need

black, black and white, darkness, photography, monochrome photography, Guys are fixers. They want to do something to help if you're feeling down. Tell him some things he could do to help. It could be taking you out to dinner or just holding your hand in a situation that makes you nervous. It's nice to know he wants to do something to help you feel better.

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Be Straightforward, Especially concerning Your Relationship

hair, face, person, hairstyle, photo shoot, Men are generally not great at getting hints or picking up on vibes you’re trying to send out. It’s best to take a straightforward approach instead. This’s especially true when it comes to issues in your relationship. If he did something to upset you, tell him straight out instead of hoping he’ll figure it out. It’s quicker and easier than playing a guessing game.


Remember He’s Never Going to Be One of the Girls

human action, black, person, black and white, monochrome photography, It’s important to realize he’s never going to be one of the girls. He’s never going to realize the importance of the difference between two black shades of mascara like your mom, sister or girlfriends will. Accepting he’s different is important! It can save you a lot of time and trouble. Enjoy the special, romantic relationship you have as a couple but be sure to get enough girl time with your friends, too. This way you aren’t expecting things from him that he’s not equipped to deliver.


Tell Him What You Want out of Life and the Relationship

human action, person, kiss, mouth, muscle, If your boyfriend is a guy you can see yourself with in the future, it's important that he knows the things that you'd like to achieve. Do you want to be married or have children? Do you have a burning desire to travel the world? Or are you not particularly fond of the idea of marriage? If your partner knows the answers to these important questions, you can decipher whether you're truly meant to be together or not.


Show Him What You Love

extreme sport, physical fitness, wind, nata, atur, We've all got a passion in life. Some have more than others. Take your partner to the places you love, the things that touch your soul and have him experience them with you. By doing this, he will see you in your purest and happiest state.


Discuss Your Expectations

black and white, black, performing arts, entertainment, monochrome photography, If you believe that communication is key in a relationship, and you expect to hear from your partner via text or call every day - you need to communicate that to him. If you're unclear of the relationship boundaries, he won't know what type of woman you are. If you're laid back, cool, passionate etc. tell him, so that he can really understand who you are.

These 10 tips to help your man understand you better. Which ones do you plan to try? I’d love to hear from you.

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Real talk

Hmmm be careful you don't turn into a nag though!

So true! I admit, sometimes I expect my husband to know I'm upset, know why I'm upset, and know how to fix it without talking to him about it. Then I get really frustrated when he literally has no clue what's going on! I forget we are wired so completely different! Thanks for the tips!! :)

Brittany i totally get what you're talking about haha so recognizable:-)

I think this is something guys have made up about themselves so they can ignore most anything & still get by with it. Sounds like something any man would do too!! LOL!!

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