How to Avoid Getting Crushed by a Crush ...

By Holly

How to Avoid  Getting Crushed  by a Crush  ...

You don't have to date a guy in order to have your heart broken. There are plenty of girls who have had their feelings hurt by their crushes. That's why you have to be careful once you develop feelings for someone. Here are a few ways to avoid getting crushed by a crush:

1 Find out if He Has a Girlfriend Right Away

Before you name your future kids, find out if he has a girlfriend. If he does, then you can force yourself to stop thinking about him before your feelings become too strong.

2 Masturbate to Get Rid of Your Lust

If you can't stop thinking about kissing a boy, then slip under your covers and start touching yourself. Once you get an orgasm out of your system, you should calm down.

3 Like Multiple Guys at Once

You're allowed to crush on a handful of boys at once. In fact, it's better that way. Then, when one of them gets a girlfriend, you'll have a few other people to daydream about.

4 Have Other Hobbies

You don't want boys to be the only thing on your mind. It's healthier to have different things on your mind, like your painting and your writing.

5 Raise Your Standards

If you have low standards, you're going to get your heart broken all the time. Don't settle for duds. Aim to date guys who are actually decent.

6 Don’t Fall for Him Based on Looks

If you like a boy, just because he's hot, you could end up disappointed when you see his personality. That's why you shouldn't go too crazy over a guy until you get to know him.

7 Don’t Believe What You See in Romcoms

Romantic comedies aren't realistic. So don't get upset when your crush asks you out with a text message instead of serenading you at your window.

8 Don’t Have Unrealistic Expectations

Don't pretend that your crush is something that he's not. He's human, just like you are, so he's not as perfect as you're picturing him to be in your mind.

9 Ask Him out

If you don't want to miss your chance with him, you need to ask him out. It's better than waiting around for him to make the first move.

10 Distract Yourself from Him

The best way to stop thinking about a boy is by keeping yourself busy. Read a book, clean your room, or apply for jobs.

11 Delete Him from Social Media

If you don't want to like him, you should unfriend him from Facebook and delete his number. Out of sight, out of mind.

12 Don’t Let Yourself Daydream about Him

Whenever you catch yourself daydreaming about him, force yourself to think about something else. The less you think about him, the less obsessed you'll be with him.

13 Get Advice from Your Guy Friends

If you have male friends, ask them for dating advice. They might be able to tell you something that your gal pals can't.

14 Don’t Ask Him out in Front of a Group

If you're going to ask a guy out, don't do it in front of your entire school. If you get rejected, it'll feel less painful if no one is around to witness it.

15 Focus on Becoming Friends Instead of on Becoming Boyfriend and Girlfriend

Instead of trying to date every boy you meet, try to make him your friend. Then you can take it from there.

16 Realize That Relationships Aren’t Everything

A man isn't going to change your life for the better. If you're unhappy, you'll need more than a relationship to change that. So you might want to focus on other areas of your life before you focus on finding a boyfriend.

17 Go out More to Meet More People

The more boys you talk to, the more opportunities you'll have to date. Whenever you meet a new group of people, you're raising your chances of finding true love.

Even if you don't end up with your crush, you can still avoid getting hurt by him by following these tips. Are you currently crushing hard on someone?

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