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How to Get an Annoying Guy to Stop Crushing on You ...

By Holly

Most of the time, we look for ways to make a man like us. However, sometimes we'll need to find ways to get a guy to stop liking us. Even though finding out a friend has a crush on you is a compliment at first, it can get annoying pretty quickly if you don't feel the same way. If you want a boy to stop crushing on you, then here are a few things that you can do:

1 Stop Texting Him Back

Stop Texting Him Back If you're giving him plenty of attention, you might be unintentionally leading him on. That's why you should stop replying to every text he sends so quickly. It could give him the impression that you like him, too. Of course, if you talk to him less, then he should eventually end up liking you less.

2 Talk to Him about a Guy You like

Talk to Him about a Guy You like If you want to make it clear that you don't have feelings for him, you should talk to him about the guy that you're crushing on. When he realizes that you don't feel the same way about him, it might push him to move on. Just don't make him feel bad about himself by saying how much you love muscular men when he's a little overweight. Try to play nice.

3 Try to Set Him up with a Friend

Try to Set Him up with a Friend If you don't want to date him, but do want him to be happy, you can try setting him up with one of your friends. If he ends up crushing on her, then he'll forget all about his crush on you. Besides, haven't you always wanted to try playing matchmaker? It could be fun!

4 Only Hang out with Him in Groups

Only Hang out with Him in Groups You need to make it clear that you only see him as a friend. The best way to do that is by only hanging out with him in groups, and turning down any one-on-one invitations to his house. If you two are always surrounded by people, he'll never have a chance to make a move.

5 Don’t Flirt with Him

Don’t Flirt with Him Whatever you do, don't flirt with him. It doesn't matter if you're bored. It doesn't matter if you want a self-esteem boost. It doesn't matter if you want to make your own crush jealous. If you start flirting with a boy who likes you, then he's going to assume that he has a chance with you. That means he won't leave you alone.

6 Let Him See Your Flaws

Let Him See Your Flaws We usually do our best to hide our flaws from other people. However, if you want a boy to stop crushing on you, you shouldn't hold yourself back when you're around him.

7 Tell Him the Truth

Tell Him the Truth Some men have a hard time understanding that they need to back off. Even if you've rejected him before, he might continue flirting with you, because he thinks that you'll change your mind. If he doesn't understand that "no" means "no," then you should talk to him about it. Tell him that his actions are making you uncomfortable. If he respects you, that should get him to stop.

8 Put Him off

red, christmas, One of the easiest ways to make him stop crushing on you is to simply stop being appealing! I know easier said than done, however, start being annoying, start doing all the things he says he dislikes in a girl and eventually (hopefully sooner rather than later) you'll stop being the object of his desire.

9 Get on with Your Life

performance, music, singing, man, Don't let someone crushing on you ruin your life. As long as they aren't stalking you or becoming creepy then go about your business and hope the appeal wears off and they move on.

10 Get a Boyfriend

screenshot, fictional character, have, boyfriend., If there's a guy you're interested in that likes you back, start seeing him. Make it known that you're in a relationship and the crusher will probably move on and find someone he likes who likes him back. And maybe the four of you can double date! Haha

You shouldn't be mean to the boys that are crushing on you, but you do have to make it clear that you aren't interested if you want them to stop bothering you. Is someone currently crushing on you?

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