10 Clear Signs You Need a Break 🚫 from the Dating Scene 💑 🙅🏼 ...


Being single is nothing to be afraid of. It can actually be very useful to spend time away from relationships, as it gives you time to focus on yourself. Taking time out from dating can also be beneficial if you're continually falling for guys who don't make you happy. So is it time to take a break from dating? Here's how to tell …

1. You Keep Making the Same Mistake, over and over

Are you constantly making the same mistake in every relationship? Do you drive boyfriends away because you're too needy, keep falling for guys who are looking for very different things than you, or are you unwilling to make the necessary compromises? If you keep making the same mistakes every single time, then you could do with some time out from dating.

You're Never Single for Five Minutes!


This is a great article. In my opinion, there is no perfect time to finding  Mr. Right. It come in it's perfect time. DO not lose hope if you've been hurt many times because these experiences make us better persons.
@A Agnes, I know where you are coming from. You can probably do the No Contact rule? Sometimes, men are too confident that we are always there for them but once they realize that they are about to lose us, then that's the time they'll go crazy about us.
A Agnes
It's hard but I'll get through this like I always do :)
A Agnes
I'm giving him and myself time away to work on what we both want.
A Agnes
Cause I can't be intimate with someone who just doesn't see himself with me,
A Agnes
Not someone who wants to be intimate without the label
A Agnes
I've had my heart broken so many times and I've just had enough in having some 'space' away from this guy who I really like but he says he just wants to be 'good friends' and take things slow? Which I...
Wow this really opened my eyes! I'm a serial monogamist!!! I'll stay single as long as I can, I need to get to know myself instead of these guys
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