7 Sure AF Signs Youre in a Mature Healthy Relationship ...

By Valencia

If your past relationships were full of games and deceit, you might bring baggage from the past into the present. But if you want to move forward with someone and have a long, solid relationship, it's important that you recognize a good thing. Here's a look at seven signs that you're in a mature, healthy relationship.

Table of contents:

  1. you rarely argue
  2. your arguments are easily resolved
  3. you trust each other
  4. you give each other space
  5. you know how to communicate
  6. you bring out the best in each other
  7. he puts your needs ahead of his own

1 You Rarely Argue

Every couple has arguments. You are two different people with two different opinions and viewpoints. However, if you notice that arguments in your current relationship are few and far in-between, this is a sign that you're finally in a mature, healthy relationship with someone who doesn’t nitpick or stir up unnecessary drama.

2 Your Arguments Are Easily Resolved

Not only do you fight less in this relationship, when arguments or disagreements occur, you’re able to handle them like mature individuals. Instead of yelling and talking over each other, you give yourself time to calm down and express how you feel without belittling the other person.

3 You Trust Each Other

In the past, maybe you didn't trust your partner. Maybe you were cheated on, or perhaps your partner was a habitual liar. If you absolutely, 100% trust the person you're with, this is a good sign that the relationship is moving in the right direction. You don't feel a need to go through your partner’s cell phone or emails to make sure he's being honest, nor do you feel the need to question his whereabouts every second of the day.

4 You Give Each Other Space

Some partners are extremely clingy and want to be together every minute of the day. Everyone needs space. As you become older and start establishing mature relationships, you'll understand the importance of giving your partner space, and taking space for yourself. You have a life outside the relationship, so don’t feel bad about hanging out with your friends or family alone, or exploring personal interests.

5 You Know How to Communicate

Good communication is important in any relationship. Now that you're in a mature, healthy relationship, you and your partner communicate in a way that builds each other up and strengthens the relationship. There's no name-calling or belittling. If you learn that your partner doesn't like the way you talk to him, you make an effort to change the behavior.

6 You Bring out the Best in Each Other

Another sign of a good, healthy relationship is bringing out the best in each other. Your partner might motivate you to follow your paths and dreams, and you might give him support or encouragement when he's feeling down. When it's all said and done, you want to be the best girlfriend.

7 He Puts Your Needs Ahead of His Own

A selfish, one-sided relationship isn't healthy or mature. If you think about your partner’s feelings more than yours, and if you’re more than happy to put his needs ahead of your own and vice versa, the relationship will likely get stronger and you'll become a closer couple. Relationships don't work when people only care about their needs.

Hopping from boyfriend to boyfriend gets exhausting, and you might prefer a long-term committed relationship. If you haven't had much success in the past, be confident that your prince charming is around the corner.

What are other signs of being in a mature, healthy relationship

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