7 Signs to Stop Slacking 🐒 and Give Your Relationship πŸ’‘ a Second ✌🏼️ Chance ...


Rocky relationships can often feel draining because you are always waiting for the next time something bad might happen and you don’t manage to focus enough on the wonderful time you spend with your partner. A rocky relationship is actually a relationship that needs work and that often deserves to be saved. Both you and your significant other need to be willing to put in time, effort and patience if you want your relationship to be successful. Here are 7 signs your rocky relationship deserves a second chance:

1. Despite Your Problems, You Have Fun Together

You shouldn’t give up on your relationship too easily if despite all your differences, you still have fun together and you enjoy each other’s company most of the time. If you do share a lot of happy and healthy memories, then do everything in your power to save your relationship and find ways to cut down on your bad times.

You Have a Lot Invested


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