Crystal Clear Signs for Girls Who Want to Know if He is Mr. Right ...


When you first start dating a guy, you're probably smitten. You have butterflies in your stomach, you get excited when you see him and you start to envision what a future with him looks like. But how do you know when you've met "the one"? Your "Mr. Right"? Here is how to tell when you've found your soulmate.

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You Talk about the Future Together

If your guy doesn't have a problem discussing kids, home life, family and other more serious topics with you, that's a sign that he sees a future with you. If you can't agree on those serious topics, that can be a problem. But if the discussion is at least happening, that's a great sign!


He Uses the Word "we"

Any guy who wants to build a future with you will include you when talking about things. He will see you as a partner, as someone that he's on the same team with. If he's saying "we" when he talks, he's got you in mind for the long run.


Silence is Not Awkward

When you've found your better half, you don't feel uncomfortable by silence. You can sit in the same room without speaking, or drive in the car with just the outside noises, and not feel weird. When the right guy comes along, his presence will be enough to combat the silence.


You Meet Each Other's Family & Friends

Meeting the parents and the friends of someone you are in a relationship with is a big deal. It's a sign that you are getting serious with that person. So if a guy introduces you to the most important people in his life, he wants you to stick around.


You Can Fart in Front of Each Other

It's not the most romantic indication of true love, but if you don't feel strange letting one rip in front of your guy, it shows that you're comfortable being your true self. Same goes for him- if he lets one out without apology, take that as a sign of his devotion to you.

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You Work through Your Problems

Many times when you hit roadblocks in a relationship, instead of working through your issues, you call it quits. But if you meet the person you're meant to share your life with, you work hard at fixing the problems in your relationship instead of just letting the person go.


You Don't Have to Question Things

It's been said that "when you know, you know." And that has some truth to it. When you meet the right person, you don't have to wonder if they are in fact the right person. Things feel right. They come naturally.

Dating the wrong people sucks. But once you've found that diamond in the rough, your prince charming, dating is really great. Do you see any of these signs in your relationship?

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@michelle why thank you girlie!

If you're going to live together and you plan on spending your life with the guy, you're going to fart in front of each other! Lighten up people. Everyone does it. If you're too embarrassed go into another room. That's what I do...

I'm still waiting to meet the right guy

@Michelle Lol! We've been living together and happily married for 6 years without a fart creeping out once in each others company, I think I'll keep it that way.

I hate to sound negative... But...

Wth? No. 5 ? It must b a joke k

So many con artists out there who portray these characteristics... Dude I was dating is a master manipulator!

@Jeni ...well I'm impressed!

Haha omg never thought of it that way but shameless fart = devotion LOL

I'm 19 now and me and my boyfriend who has been together since we were 13 just broke up about a month ago.he's already with another girl and I've been talking to another guy.. he hasn't tried to get in touch with me or nothing.but I still feel he's the one

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