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7 Conclusive Signs That Tell You He is Single ...

By Valencia

Whether you have your eye on someone, or you're currently getting to know a guy, how do you really know if he’s single? Relationships can be tricky, and in the beginning, some people aren't exactly honest about their situations. With a little investigating, you can get to the bottom of a guy’s relationship status.

1 Do a Little Innocent Snooping

If you're hanging out with a guy and you want to be absolutely sure he's single, do a little snooping when you're alone at his place. For example, you can check his magazine rack to see what he's reading. Be suspicious if there are magazines like Cosmo or Redbook in the stash. Take a trip to the bathroom and quietly look underneath his cabinet for any evidence of a girlfriend (feminine hygiene products, pink razor blades, etc. )

2 Check His Grocery Cart

Let's say you're shopping and walk pass a guy who catches your eye. You might notice he's not wearing a wedding ring. Peek inside his grocery cart to see what he’s buying. If you see a cart full of frozen dinners or other prepackage meals, there's a good chance that he lives alone and he might be single. But there's no way to know for sure unless you ask.

3 Ask around

If you're interested in a guy, but you don't want to ask him if he’s single, casually ask around. Maybe you have mutual friends and you want to know his relationship status before expressing your interest. You should also ask questions about him to assess whether you’ll be a match. What’s his personality or interests? Is he a good person?

4 Suggest Hanging out with His Friends

If you're in a new relationship with a guy, and you want to make sure he's single, suggest getting together with a few of his friends and double dating. If he's being honest with you, he might be open to the idea. But if he has another girl in his life, he might make excuses and keep you as far away from his friends (and family) as possible.

5 Check His Facebook Profile

If you're interested in a particular guy, you can also check his relationship status by visiting his Facebook page. If he doesn't have any privacy settings, scroll down his page and look for any evidence of a relationship. You can also check his photos , which might also indicate he’s in a relationship.

6 Be Observant

Being observant and paying attention to little details can also help you determine whether a man is single. Do you notice a slight discoloration on his left ring finger? If so, he might have removed a ring shortly before meeting you. Or if he never answers the phone when you call, but always returns your call five or 10 minutes later, this can also be a sign that he's not single. He might have to wait until he’s alone to talk.

7 Cleverly Ask Him

Coming out and asking whether he’s single is one way to get your answer. You can have a small social gathering at your home and invite a guy you're interested in. Let him know he can bring his girlfriend. If he says, “okay we’ll love to attend,” you know he's taken. But if he says, “I don't have a girlfriend, can I bring a friend,” you’re free to make your move.

Unfortunately, you can’t simply look at a guy and tell whether he’s single. It might take a little investigating and trickery to get to the bottom of his relationship status. What are other ways to tell if a guy is single?

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