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Sure Signs You'd Be Happier without Him for Girls Who Can Not Decide ...

By Melissa

Sometimes we get that feeling that we would be so much happier without our current boyfriend. You might be paranoid, but chances are you are right. Just in case you need a little reason to back up your “feelings” about moving on to better things, here are 7 signs you’d be happier without him.

1 You Are Never a Priority

I don’t expect to come first in everything, every time. But I do think there are certain times that I should be a priority in my man’s life. I understand that I may not come before his career, but if he is canceling an anniversary date with me to play cards in his buddy’s basement, he can stay there because I am moving on.

2 He is a Cheat

Girl, why are you still with him if he is hooking up with other chicks on the side? Don’t you know you are better than that and worth so much more? Why make someone a priority in your life when you are only an option to them?

3 Lies

Knowing someone is lying to you hurts. Catching someone in a lie is frustrating. It jeopardizes our trust in a relationship and a relationship without trust is surely not a happy one. Liars typically aren’t happy people either.

4 No Commitment

If you are a girl looking for a guy to get serious with and the guy you are seeing is not on that level, it’s probably time to move on. You aren’t going to be happy with a guy still trying to play the field when you are ready to play house. Trust me, you aren’t going to change him either.

5 Lack of Common Interest

It’s okay for couples to have different things they like, but you should try to find some sort of common interest or activity that you share. If not, then when it comes to hanging out he’s going to want to do his thing while you do yours.

6 Jealousy

Sometimes a little jealousy is flattering, but if your man’s jealousy turns into control and anger then you might want to rethink this one. Are you really going to be happy if your man blows up because the cashier touched your hand when giving you your change?

7 You Want to Change Him

If you’ve ever said, “I’d like him so much better if…” then he is not making you happy. You can’t change a guy ever, even after of years of trying they don’t change. You can't make a person act the way you want or dress the way you think they should. Besides, if we are being really honest, a guy shouldn’t have to change who he is to be with you.

Pay attention to these signs. Follow the feeling in your gut. You deserve happiness and if you feel that this relationship isn’t bringing you the happiness you want, it is okay to move on. You are worth it, girl.

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