Expert Tips for Girls Who Want to Be Better at Tongue Kissing ...


Ah, the fine art of kissing – because, make no mistake, stalkers, it IS a fine art. It seems so easy, you know? A kiss is so simple and the movies make it look so romantic – and it is, but kissing takes some talent. And French kissing? That's another subject altogether. See, tongue kissing is absolutely pleasurable. It's sensual, it's sexy, and when it's done well, you're either left with the perfect make-out sesh or some excellent foreplay. Some people are born with a talent for tongue kissing and some people aren't, but that's okay because you can learn! Start with these expert tips, which will not only make you so much better at tongue kissing but will also make you the queen of kissing!

1. Make Sure You Keep Your Head Tilted to One Side

So, the first tip doesn't even involve your tongue, nor does it involve kissing. You can't just jump in with both feet and start stabbing with your tongue, you know. First things first: you have to get the logistics right, and that means positioning yourself correctly. There's nothing less sexy or romantic than going in for a kiss and bashing your nose against your partner's. Keep your head at an angle and you won't have to worry about getting a bloody nose or accidentally kissing your partner's nostril.

Keep That Pout Relaxed and Languid


Miki Lionheart
I'm a fifty year old gal with a sixty-five year sweetheart is expertly skilled at kissing, especially with his "tongue"! All the skills listed here, describes my honeys' kisses to a T.
Practice good hygiene out of respect for your partner! If you guys wanna full on French kiss then make sure that both of you guys practice proper oral hygiene.
Practise tongue movements in your mouth like a ballet dance
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