Common Female Sexual Fantasies Unmasked ...

By Neecey

Common Female Sexual Fantasies Unmasked ...

Did you know that right up until the mid-1970s it was claimed that only men had sexual fantasies? Absurd right? Although it still seems a bit of a taboo to even suggest that women enjoy sex as much as men, female sexual liberty has come a long way since then. We might not openly discuss our sexual fantasies in the same way men ubiquitously joke about the threesome or girl on girl action, but we sure can dream about what turns us on. And the fantasies most common to girls are …

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1 A Handsome Stranger in the Night

This is a classic. Haven’t we all thought about how hot it would be to make a connection with a perfect stranger and suddenly find yourself checking in to a hotel for a steamy night of unadulterated passion? There is something about the lack of inhibition that makes this scenario so popular and so exciting!

2 Group Sex – the More the Merrier!

Some women who have never experienced sex with more than one person at a time will often fantasize about what it would be like to invite more people to the party! Whether it’s a threesome or foursome or fivesome or sixsome, the thought of getting down and dirty with multiple people is a classic turn on for some!

3 Turn Some Tables and Become Dominant

Another popular and common female fantasy is the idea of becoming the powerful one and taking over in terms of sexual dominance and decision-making. You might want to spank your man, or tie him up, or order him to perform certain acts, or all of the above. You do you!

4 Engaging in a Spot of Exhibitionism

A fantasy that is becoming increasingly popular is the desire by a woman to be watched by multiple sets of eyes as she is having sex. This does not necessarily mean having sex with more than one person, but the feeling of being watched by others can be a real turn on for some.

5 Going down the 50 Shades Route

The 50 Shades phenomenon has made it much easier for women to express their fantasy of being dominated by a partner. The world of BDSM is no longer taboo, and women are now comfortable enough to admit that they want to be treated just as Anastasia Steele is treated by Mr. Grey!

6 A Little Woman on Woman Action

It’s a classic fantasy that many women have had: the desire to see what it would be like to be intimate with somebody of the same sex. Whether that is in a group setting or simply one on one, there is pretty much an entire pornography industry dedicated to the realization of first time woman on woman encounters!

7 Fantasy of Performing for Money

Another common fantasy for women is the thought of performing an act, whether it full sex or something like a lap dance, and then getting paid for their actions. This fantasy comes with a lot of feelings of empowerment.

8 Get an Extra Guy Involved

The majority of threesomes you see in TV and movies usually involve one guy and two women, but lots of women actually fantasize about switching it up and having two men to enjoy all to themselves!

9 Strap Yourself in!

Without a doubt one of the most popular fantasies women have is the idea of switching positions with the partner and ‘being the man’ for a night. With a simple strap-on toy, you can gain all the power and swap up the sexual dynamic in a really fun way!

10 Add Some Aggression to the Mix

Phrases like “rape fantasy” are something that I’m firmly staying away from, but there is no doubt that millions of women around the world fantasize about their partners taking more of an aggressive approach to love making, with things like being pushed up against a wall, hands held over their head etc, being very popular turn ons!

So you aren’t a freak or strange for having a sexual fantasy or fantasies. It’s healthy and normal!

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