17 Fun 😄 Hypothetical Situations 💭 to Ask Your BF about 🤔 ...


When you and your boyfriend are sitting around the couch talking about nothing, you should ask him about some hypothetical situations. Don't ask him which one of your friends he'd love to sleep with. Stick to fun, innocent stuff. If you can't think of anything, here are a few hypothetic situation to ask your boyfriend about:

1. If You Were Really a Robot, Would You Want to Know?

If You Were Really a Robot, Would You Want to Know?

Or would you rather live an ignorant life, assuming that you were a human, just like everybody else?

If You Were the opposite Sex for a Month, How Would You Spend It?


Vulnerable, enlightening, coy ergo... still oblivious
They r just way to ask questions in a more interesting manner.... Nice article!!!
Wow its intresting to ask anybodythis questions not only bf
If you were an opposite sex for a month is the good one
peony blue
If i was the opposite sex i would be a celibate man hahahah
traci collins
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