10 French Phrases for Seducing Your Boyfriend ...

By Holly

10 French Phrases for Seducing Your Boyfriend ...

Sure, you could say something sweet to your boyfriend in your native tongue, but it would sound a whole lot sexier in another language. If you speak the language of love, AKA French, then he won't be able to resist grabbing you and pulling you in for a kiss. Even though he won't really care what you say as long as it sounds sweet, you should still make sure you translate for him. That way, you'll get extra brownie points. So without further adieu, here are some french phrases to use to seduce a man:

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Tes Yeux, J'en Rêve Jour Et Nuit

Tes Yeux, J'en Rêve Jour Et Nuit This means, "I dream about you every day and night." What's more romantic than letting your man know that he's the only thing on your mind? It'll show him that you're serious about him, and that you don't want to be with anybody else. He's the man of your dreams.


Je Serai Poète Et Toi Poésie

Je Serai Poète Et Toi Poésie This means, "I'll be a poet, and you'll be poetry." If your man appreciates poetry, then he should love this line. It's not something that you'd be able to get away with saying in your native tongue, because it sounds a little corny. But in French? It'll sound like the most romantic thing he's ever heard.

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Amour De Ma Vie

Amour De Ma Vie This means, "You are the love of my life." If this is the truth, you shouldn't hesitate to use the line on your man. He deserves to know how you feel about him, after all. If you're worried about saying those three little words first, then you shouldn't bother to translate them for him. That way, you'll let him know you love him without him realizing it.

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Je Pense Toujours À Toi

Je Pense Toujours À Toi This means, "I always think about you." Even if you're not in a relationship, you can use this line. It's not too intense, so your crush shouldn't freak out when he figures out what you're saying. He'll simply be flattered.

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Vivre Sans Aimer N’est Pas Proprement Vivre

Vivre Sans Aimer N’est Pas Proprement Vivre This means, "To live without loving is to not really live." This will show your man that you're beyond happy he's a part of your life. Of course, you could always save this phrase to use on your wedding day. It would fit pretty well.

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Le Seul Vrai Langage Au Monde Est Un Baiser

Le Seul Vrai Langage Au Monde Est Un Baiser This means, "The only true language in the world is a kiss." Are you too timid to initiate intercourse with your man? Then you can use this phrase to let him know you've been dreaming about kissing him. Once he finds out what it means, he's bound to lean in for a smooch--or maybe even more.

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L’amour Est La Poésie Des Sens

L’amour Est La Poésie Des Sens This means, "Love is the poetry of the senses." Here's another line to use if your man appreciates poetry. Even though it sounds like a sweet phrase, it's actually pretty sexy, as well. After all, it's talking about your senses, and we all know how alert our senses are in the middle of lovemaking.

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J’ai Envie De T’embrasser

hair, person, image, blond, photography, This means, "I want to kiss you." And is a line to use when you're feeling sweet and innocent. Sometimes seducing your man means a little sweet talk foreplay and telling him what you want to do is just the trick.

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Je Veux Passer Ma Vie Avec Toi

hair, face, photography, beauty, blond, This sweet phrase means, "I want to spend my life with you." And is the perfect way to convey your deep and heartfelt feelings towards your one and only.

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Je Ne Peux Pas Vivre Sans Toi

hair, face, person, black hair, nose, Another deep and meaningful phrase, this one says, "I cannot live without you." May sound like relationship cliché in any language, BUT, it's sweet and can mean the world to someone as long as you don't say it too soon or to too many people.

If you learn how to say these sentences to your man, he'll consider you the most romantic girl in the world. Of course, even if you make a mistake, he'll never even notice. What other romantic French phrases do you know how to say?

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the "yeaux" thing doesn't mean I dream about you all day and night, it means I dream about your eyes all day and night

Je t'aime(I love you) is my fav one. And I agree with others, it's not a good translation

The first expression means eyes, tes yeux, I dream about your eyes day and night. . .

Hahahha sexy!!!

Pretty cool article

For the fifth one "really " is "vraiment ". Proprement is ugly for a love sentence and not acurrate

This is trying way too hard ..

I love this! I love the French language I so want to learn.

The first one " tes yeux, je rêve jour et nuit" real means " your eyes, I dream of day and night. But this is still a lovely article.

Je parle français= I speech french and I found these article really funny

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