How to Make Him See You're Serious about Him ...


How to Make Him See You're Serious about Him ...
How to Make Him See You're Serious about Him ...

If you really like your boyfriend, you need to show him you're serious about him. How do you do that? Love Panky has some tips for you.

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Don’t Hook up with Other Guys

Don’t Hook up with Other Guys If you really like him, you can't hook up with other men. You can't flirt with them, either. Your loyalty is of the utmost importance.


Ask for Advice

Ask for Advice Show him you care about his opinion by asking him for his advice. Making decisions together is a major step toward a committed relationship.


Ask Him about His Day

Ask Him about His Day Don't yammer on about your day. Give yourself a break from talking by asking him about his day. It's all about the give and take.


Touch and Cuddle

Touch and Cuddle Actions speak louder than words. That's why physical affection is so important.


Mark Your Territory

Mark Your Territory Leave a few items at his house. Once you have a toothbrush there, he'll know his place is basically your second home.


Get to Know His Friends

Get to Know His Friends If you want to be a part of his life, you need to get to know his friends and family. Become one of the guys.


Tell Him

Tell Him If you're ready to say those three little words, don't hold back. Hearing them will help him realize how serious you are about the relationship.

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Just be true and enjoy the relationship. If he is not blind he would know u r serious about him!

Spend a holiday with him

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