7 Bro Code Rules You Should Know about if You Want a BF ...


7 Bro Code Rules You Should Know about if You Want a BF ...
7 Bro Code Rules You Should Know about if You Want a BF ...

You know all about girl code, but how much do you know about how the bro code works? Most of their rules are similar to ours, but some of them differ a bit. It's time to learn the difference, so here are a few bro code rules you should know about if you want a boyfriend:

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Never Date a Friend’s Ex

Never Date a Friend’s Ex You would never date your best friend's ex, would you? Well, men live by the same rules. They don't want to disrespect their buddies, or risk losing their friendships, by hooking up with the same girl. So if you're even a little bit interested in a guy, don't date his friend. After you date one guy in a group, all of his buddies are going to be off limits to you. So think before you hook up.


Bros before Hoes

Bros before Hoes This doesn't mean that he's allowed to ditch you to hang out with his friends. It just means that he won't let a woman come between him and his buddies. If you try to ruin his friendships, then he's going to ask you to leave. He doesn't need that type of drama in his life, especially if it means he might lose a close friend.


Be Honest about Each Other’s Girlfriends

Be Honest about Each Other’s Girlfriends His friends aren't going to lie to him to keep him happy. If they think that you're bad for him, they're going to tell him straight out. They don't want him wasting his time with the wrong girl, which is why they'll be blunt, even if it means they'll end up sounding rude.


Lie for Each Other

Lie for Each Other It doesn't matter how much you trust his friends. If he asks his buddy to lie for him, then it'll happen. That means you can't always trust his pals when they claim that they were hanging out with your boyfriend all night. They might just be covering for him.


Don't Touch Each Other's Girlfriends

Don't Touch Each Other's Girlfriends If your boyfriend's friends won't joke around with you and hug you like they do with other girls in the friend group, don't worry about it. It doesn't mean they hate you. They just don't want to overstep their boundaries. They know it's inappropriate to get too close to you, which is why they're keeping their distance.


Don’t Cockblock Each Other

Don’t Cockblock Each Other Your gal pals might prevent you from hooking up with a random man to keep you safe, but guys will always help their buddies get laid. They never want to be considered cockblocks. They prefer to be wingmen. That's why they'll do whatever they can to help their friends hookup.


Always Be There for Each Other

Always Be There for Each Other No matter what, his buddies will be there for him. That means that, if you two ever break up, they're probably going to choose him over you. It doesn't mean that they dislike you. They're just not going to ditch their close friend to make you happy.

It's important to know the rules that your boyfriend lives by. That way, it'll be easier for you to understand why he does the things that he does when he's around his closest friends. What other bro code rules do you think all women should know about?

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