How to Avoid ❌ Getting Crushed πŸ”¨ by a Crush πŸ’™ ...


You don't have to date a guy in order to have your heart broken. There are plenty of girls who have had their feelings hurt by their crushes. That's why you have to be careful once you develop feelings for someone. Here are a few ways to avoid getting crushed by a crush:

1. Find out if He Has a Girlfriend Right Away

Find out if He Has a Girlfriend Right Away

Before you name your future kids, find out if he has a girlfriend. If he does, then you can force yourself to stop thinking about him before your feelings become too strong.

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I always daydream about the niggah but im to shy to even say hi , or to shy to even look in his eyes idk if u girls experience this but if a boy with nice ass eyes smile or look into your face ur pani...
Zoee Rae
I crushing on my guy friend πŸ˜‘
Okay no to number 2. Definitely just makes you more lustful for the real thing
It's Funny how this Article tells you to be a player,in that One Tip! But better to be a,Player than b Played!"Plus I Don't have a ring on my finger Soo Why Not. ?
Rojda Love
Basically should u forget about him
Rojda Love
I have a crush on somebody I am not sure if he likes me he asked if I have a boyfriend but I am not sure that means he likes me as I live in Britain and he lives in turkey so what should I do should I...
@courtney same! I always daydream about my crush......and I always daydream about some scenario that's supposed to end up in some kind of modern fairytale
Yes Ethan Hunt and apparently he likes me back so what do I do? ☺️😍😘
*SiGhS* I am always daydreaming about him.....
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