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17 Ways to Make Him See You as More than a Friend ...

By Holly

Liking a friend can be heartbreaking. After all, you'll be stuck listening to them talk about their own crushes. Plus, you'll feel like you have to hide your feelings in order to keep the friendship alive. However, that doesn't have to happen. Here are a few ways to make him see you as more than a friend without ruining what you already have:

1 Hang out One on One

Hang out One on One If you usually hang out as a group, it's time to switch things up. You'll get to know each other better if you hang out one-on-one.

2 Look into His Eyes

Look into His Eyes Eye contact can be incredibly sexy. That's why you should look him right in the eyes whenever you talk.

3 Get Touchy

Get Touchy Instead of giving him high fives, try squeezing his arm after he tells a joke. It's flirty instead of friendly.

4 Compliment Him

Compliment Him Make sure to comment on how amazing he looks. He might even return the favor.

5 Put on Romantic Music

Put on Romantic Music If you want to set the mood, you should use music to do so. It's a subtle way to make him see you differently.

6 Sit Closer to Him

Sit Closer to Him Platonic friends sit on opposite ends of the couch. So if you want to flirt, sit as close to him as possible.

7 Let Him Know You’re Interested

Let Him Know You’re Interested If he doesn't realize you like him, then nothing will ever happen between the two of you. That's why you need to drop hints as often as you can.

8 Dress up around Him

Dress up around Him If you know you're going to see him, wear your favorite perfume and dress. If you look stunning, dating will definitely cross his mind.

9 Say Sexual Things

Say Sexual Things Don't be afraid to tell dirty jokes or wink at him. It'll make him see you as a potential girlfriend, instead of as a friend.

10 Tell Him He Deserves a Great Girl

Tell Him He Deserves a Great Girl The next time he talks about dating, make sure to mention that he deserves to date a great girl.

11 Send Him Saucy Pictures

Send Him Saucy Pictures The next time you SnapChat him, don't send a photo of you with your tongue sticking out. Instead, send a picture of you looking your best while striking a sexy pose.

12 Watch Your Posture

Watch Your Posture Keep your back straight, because it'll make your booty and breasts look their best. It's a small change he's sure to notice.

13 Watch Romance Movies Together

Watch Romance Movies Together If you end up watching Netflix together, put on a romantic comedy to see couples kissing. Or at least put on a horror movie and grab his hand during the scary scenes.

14 Get a Friend to Say You’d Make a Cute Couple

Get a Friend to Say You’d Make a Cute Couple If you have a mutual friend, ask them to comment about how cute you two would be as a couple. His reaction should tell you how he feels about you.

15 Don’t Mention Other Boys

Don’t Mention Other Boys Don't talk about your miniature crushes on other boys, because it'll push him away. He'll assume you want them instead of him.

16 Ask Him on a Date

Ask Him on a Date Don't be afraid to take initiative. If you can't keep hiding your feelings, then ask him out on a date.

17 Kiss Him

Kiss Him Instead of asking him out, you can just lean close and kiss him when you're hanging out. Then he'll definitely see you in a new light.

If you'd be happier dating him than calling him your friend, you should follow this advice. Have you ever had a crush on a good guy friend?

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