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Girls Guide to Staying Cool when You Bump into Your Ex at a Party ...

By Cherish

Are you wondering how to cope when you run into your ex at a party? With the holidays approaching there will be plenty of parties to attend. There’s even a good chance you’ll run into your ex at one of these functions. Like any breakup, you’ll be forced to share time with the kids or with mutual friends, and may end up sharing the same space. Here's how to cope when you run into your ex at a party.

1 Mentally and Emotionally Prepare

I’m going to assume you have some great friends that have your best interests in mind and will give you a heads up if your ex will be at the Friendsgiving brunch. This notice gives you the opportunity to mentally and emotionally prepare to see the dreaded, or not so dreaded, ex. Here’s your chance to evaluate the breakup as a whole. Was it mutual? Did it end on good terms? Bad terms? Are you really over the relationship? Will being around him be awkward for you? I’m never one to advocate against going to a gathering because someone you’re at odds with will be present, but if you think it’s really going to affect you, then I’ll advise against it. Just this once. Now, if the relationship fizzled into nothingness or ended badly and you just don’t care, you still need to prepare yourself to see him and that's one of the best answers for how to cope when you run into your ex at a party.

2 Don’t Get Too Drunk

I wholeheartedly encourage you to have a drink before you go to the party. A little liquor in your system beforehand will allow you to feel a touch relaxed and loosen you up a bit. Keep the liquor consumption before the party to one drink. I say this because liquor will remind you that you’re really not over the relationship or something that happened during your courtship. You think you’ve moved past the anger and the hurt you felt during a mishap and BAM, lady vodka whispers in your ear, then speaks on your behalf. Now you’re THAT girl. The one being emotional and irrational. So keep it cute.

3 Talk

You’ve arrived at the party looking your very best. You greet your friends and grab a drink from the kitchen, then you see him and make eye contact. You only have a split second to make a decision on what to do. Your options are: pretend you didn’t see him and exit the kitchen stage left or walk up to him with a smile and say "hi." Let’s be adults and go with the second option (that is if he doesn’t approach you first). Things are always more awkward when you pretend like he doesn’t exist. And keep it brief. In reality, you both probably really don’t care what’s going on with the other, so there’s no sense in forcing a more meaningful conversation beyond formalities.

4 Act Natural, Neutral, and Unphased

Act natural when you do speak. I don’t care if he’s the antichrist himself, stay cool, calm, and collected. Listen, the best way to get under someone’s skin or intrigue him is to be unphased by him. After short pleasantries, you can actually enjoy the party. You won’t be concerned with whether he sees you or if you’ll have to talk to him. You can move on with your life without giving him a second thought.

5 Don’t Go Home with Him

I repeat, don’t go home with him! Enough said. As the night progresses, the two of you may cross paths again at the party. Liquor has been flowing all night and now you’re feeling friendly. You two may even have a more meaningful conversation and the wheels in your brain start turning. It’s a trap. I don’t care how interesting the conversations is, I don’t care how fine he looks, I don’t care how awesome the chemistry is, and I don’t care how good the sex was. Do NOT go home with him. Try to keep in mind that you are exes for a reason and it’s best you remember that reason. You’re worth more than playing booty call to someone you used to call your boyfriend.

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