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7 Crazy Things That Happen when Falling in Love ...

By Vladlena

It seems that as you fall in love, your perspective on things changes and you see things in a way you’ve never seen them before. You get to experience new things, learn about relationships, and really explore a different side of yourself, which is why the “in-love” version of you is very different from the one before. I am sure you’ll understand where I am coming from if you’ve been in love, that and a few other things…

1 You’ve Finally Found a Person You Can Tell Anything to

Once you find someone worth loving and build a meaningful relationship with him or her, you’ll see that for the first time ever, you’ll be comfortable telling that person almost anything, even if it’s small, meaningless and unimportant. Sharing becomes easy and almost natural!

2 Spending a Day Together is Not Enough

Especially in the early stages of a relationship, no time spent together is ever enough. You’ll always have a need to be around that person and you’ll always want to keep in contact with them. The idea of getting sick of each other is not even something to be concerned about!


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3 Falling in Love is Scary

I think that after experiencing falling in love, you’ll be able to understand why some people run away from love and stay away from commitment. Falling in love is scary. Exposing your feelings makes you feel vulnerable and the possibility of getting your heart broken just kills you inside.

4 Staying in Sounds Better than Going out

While before you might have been eager to get out on a Friday night to party it up with your friends, now staying in and watching a movie sounds a lot more appealing. All you want to do is cuddle up and spend some quality time together! I guess some may call it a “lazy couple” tendency but hey, if you enjoy spending your time that way, who is to judge you?!

5 Having Butterflies in Your Stomach is a Real Feeling

You’ve heard the expression from others and read about it in books, but you probably didn’t know what the “butterflies in your stomach” feeling felt like until you fell in love. Well, at least I didn’t. But surprisingly, it’s exactly how it’s described, it’s as if millions of butterflies flutter their wings and turn your stomach upside down!

6 Your Previous Crushes Were Meaningless

Before you actually fell in love, you probably thought that you already had been in the past. However, looking back, none of those relationships can even compare. They were just simple crushes with minimal feelings that served as stepping-stones to a more serious relationship.

7 Building a Future Together is Exciting

The best thing about being in a serious relationship is knowing that there is a future. While there is a possibility that things might happen along the road, both of you can agree that you are not wasting your time on a relationship that is going nowhere. Therefore, knowing that this can become something more is more than satisfying!

Falling in love is quite an experience! It’s scary, beautiful and completely unforeseen. And hopefully, you’ll get to see what it’s like one day if you haven't got to already!

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