The Ultimate πŸ’― Girl's Guide πŸ“— to Taking Your Relationship πŸ’ from "Blah" πŸ™ to Hot AF πŸ”₯ ...

Do you feel like your relationship has gone a bit stale? You’re not alone. Breakups increase in frequency when the warmer weather comes round, as people evaluate whether they are truly happy or feeling a bit bored. Boredom doesn’t have to signal the end, though. If the relationship is otherwise good – or even if it’s still good – taking some steps to refresh it and keep it exciting will spice it up and ensure you’re still together when the cooler weather rolls back round.

1. Look at Photos

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Yep, get out your pictures, your phone or scroll through Instagram, and look back on those happier times. Take a trip down memory lane and talk about when you first got together, or that great trip you took together, or just something that always makes you happy. Relishing in good memories will help you to reconnect and feel closer.

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