What Can Baseball Teach You about Love?


What Can Baseball Teach You about Love?
What Can Baseball Teach You about Love?

If you have ever been to a baseball game you know there is a lot to take in. However, the experience is enjoyable. There are so many things I love about going to watch a baseball game with my husband, but probably the biggest thing is watching the game unfold on the field. Surprisingly, if you watch close enough, baseball can teach you about love and relationships.

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If you have ever watched or even played ball, you know how important communication is to the team. The pitcher and catcher communicate about what type of pitch would be best to strike out the opponent. The other players communicate about where to throw the ball to get the next out. It’s constant communication, just like in a relationship.


Live in the Moment

Hopefully, when you get a chance to go to a game you appreciate that moment and enjoy it completely. Ideally, you will leave your concerns about work and other issues at the gate. Players do this too, and when they don’t you can see it in their game. Love is the same. You need to be in the moment with your man and not worried about everything else.


One Base at a Time

When the runner is making his way around the bases he has to go from one base to the next, but at each new base he has to evaluate the situation and decide if it is safe to move on to the next. Relationships are the same. It is good to take things slow and move through each stage one at a time. Don’t rush through things until you know the time is right.


Third Base

The anticipation about third base is intense. You are ready to make a run for your team, but you are waiting for your teammate to make a hit that will allow you to run home. Each time the ball pops up you run out in anticipation. Sometimes you have to rush back to the safety of third base and other times everything is just right to slide into home. I’m pretty sure we can relate this feeling to our love lives too.


Ups and Downs

Not every moment in a baseball game is good. Sometimes your team is up and sometimes they are down, but either way you see your team through the funks and celebrate the wins when they come. In a relationship, you might go through a rough patch. It doesn’t mean you abandon ship. It means you love harder and wait for the rough water to move out.


Second Chances

In baseball, a batter gets several pitches to hit the ball. It takes three strikes before a batter is out. The team gets three outs before they have to switch sides. Your man is bound to upset you at some point in your relationship. As long as the offense isn’t too horrible, like abuse or infidelity, a second chance should be considered.


It’s Not over until It’s over

With all that being said, the game is not over until it is really over. By the seventh inning, you might feel like this game is a loss. There is no way your team can pull out of this funk and get a win. But don’t leave just yet, you might miss the comeback of a lifetime. I have seen it time and time again where a grand slam in the ninth inning turns the fate of the game around. Love is the same way too. Don’t check out of your relationship until you’ve made it clear to your partner that this game is over. He might have a few more tricks up his sleeve to win your heart.

Next time you get the chance to watch a baseball game, think of it like a romantic movie. Look for ways that baseball is similar to love and share what you have learned here.

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Baseball will make you realize that no one will ever compare to Kevin Kiermaier

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