Top 10 Ways on How to Dump a Guy Nicely ...

By Alexandra

Top 10 Ways on How to Dump a Guy Nicely ...

Dating is difficult, there’s no doubt about it. There’s highs and lows, emotions run high, and sometimes it can make you downright crazy. When it's time for a breakup, you need some to know how to dump a guy nicely so you feel good about ending the relationship.

However, it’s also supposed to be fun. It’s supposed to be a chance for you to get to learn more about yourself and become a better person. If you feel that your relationship is giving you more stress than happiness, it’s time to let it go.

But how can you do that without being forever remembered as that girlfriend who was mean during the breakup? Here’s the top ten ways to dump a guy nicely.

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1 Don’t Play Guessing Games

text, blue, font, line, material, If you want to dump him, go ahead and do it. Don’t make him think that you’re unsure of yourself. When you're wondering how to dump a guy nicely, it's best to just do it.

2 Don’t Give Him False Hope

album cover, black and white, poster, photo caption, monochrome photography, Telling him that things might work out in the future is never a good plan. Be finite in your decision, otherwise he won’t be able to move on, and that’s not fair to him.

3 Explain Your Reasoning

text, font, line, design, number, There’s got to be solid reasoning as to why you decided to end it. Let him know, in a nice way of course, why it wasn’t working out. It’ll give him the closure that he needs after the breakup.

4 Plan It out if You Have to

photo caption, album cover, facial hair, profession, Not every single one of us is gifted with the ability to just know what to say. Some of us need a little more time to be able to know exactly how to say what’s going through our heads in a way where it doesn’t come across as offensive. Make some points for yourself and topics you want to hit on when you discuss your reasons.

5 Don’t Make It Abrupt

text, white, font, product, line, If last night you two were out on a fancy date and you made everything seem as if it was ok, it’s not right to him that you break up with him the day after. That makes him feel blindsided, and nobody likes to feel that way.

6 Make Sure You’re Alone

text, woman, cartoon, friendship, poster, The worst thing you can do is break up with someone in public. If you really care about this person and want to do this in a way where they won’t hate you afterwards, do it in private.

7 Be Firm, but Gentle

text, cartoon, comics, nose, fiction, Get straight to the point. Let him know that it’s over, but look him in the eye when you do it. Let him know that it hurts you to let go of this, but that you have to.

8 Listen to What He Has to Say

text, cartoon, yellow, communication, line, This doesn’t mean that you should change what you set out to do. However, don’t just sit him down and tell him it’s over without listening to what he has to say. That would be mean, and that’s exactly what you’re trying to avoid.

9 Express Some Sorrow and Apologize

photo caption, forehead, product, media, Don’t make it seem easy that you’re breaking up with him. Showing emotion doesn’t mean you can start crying. All it means is that it’s a good idea to let him know it does also hurt you. And don’t be afraid to apologize for doing this or for anything you might have done wrong during the relationship.

10 Be Yourself

jacket, outerwear, photo caption, human behavior, friendship, Don’t come across as someone you’re not. Chances are, if you were together for a long while, he will know how you act in difficult situations. Remember that it’s important to show him your honesty by being yourself.

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