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How to Avoid Sending Mixed Signals to Male Friends ...

By Sici

Can men and women ever truly be just friends? Are you wondering how to avoid sending mixed signals to male friends? It’s an age old question that has been explored in every form of media, from movies to TV shows to books and everything in between. And there still is no definitive answer! The attitude that you can’t is usually voiced by men who see signs of flirtation and romantic interest whenever a woman interacts with them. Though us girls know that this definitely isn’t the case, we can’t stop guys from taking things the wrong way. Here are some answers to how to avoid sending mixed signals to male friends.

1 Mention Your Boyfriend Early

human hair color, girl, brown hair, long hair, Just to avoid any kind of confusion, let it be known early on in the conversation that you have a boyfriend. This doesn’t have to be some sort of major alert admission. Just drop in his name in a natural way that fits with what you are talking about. Perhaps you took a trip together recently, or there is a TV show or movie that you love to watch together. Anything like that works and is a great answer for how to avoid sending mixed signals to male friends.

2 Hang out with a Group

meal, food, cuisine, lunch, dish, It can be mixed signal disaster if you suggest hanging out as a duo. You might be thinking as innocently as a best friend, but rest assured that he could have other things in mind! To remove this confusion, stick to hanging out in a big group, rather than as a twosome. It will establish him as just another pal, rather than something potentially more romantic and intimate.

3 Don’t Treat Him like Your Girlfriends

hair, human hair color, chin, eyebrow, hairstyle, The truth is that male friends just need to be handled a little differently than female friends. The fun intimacy that you share with your girlfriends, once translated into a friendship with a guy, can often lead to him into thinking that he is being let in to the inner circle in a way that might suggest you want to take things further with them. The compliments that you throw around with your girlfriends can often be taken as flirting if you are doing the same with a guy.

4 Don’t Be Touchy Feely

photograph, black and white, photography, snapshot, shoulder, Touch is one of the most powerful flirtation tools, and can be construed completely differently between the sexes! It might just be that you are a touchy feely person who loves hugs and is very tactile during a conversation. Take a second to think about what your copious arm strokes and hip bumps might seem like to a guy who is already a little bit interested in you. Avoid doing it altogether and he won’t get any feelings of false hope!

5 Talk It out

girl, black hair, long hair, brown hair, computer wallpaper, It might get to a point where you just need to take him aside and clear the air, rather than letting this unspoken flirtation confusion keep going. Sometimes guys just aren’t as perceptive as girls, and they need to be told outright that you’re not flirting with him, just being friendly. It can save him a lot of wasted energy and save you have to be wary of what kind of behaviour you are using around him.

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