How to πŸ“• Have No 🚫 Strings Attached βœ‚οΈ Sex πŸ›Œ ...


The world of a dating is a wide and varied one. Some people are out there looking for marriage material, whilst others are just looking for a quick hook up. If you are in the first camp, then that’s fine, and if you are in the second camp, then that is equally as fine as well! It’s 2018. There shouldn’t be any shame in wanting to give in to your impulses and enjoy a few casual encounters whenever you are in the mood. The trick is, though, in learning how to make sure that that is exactly what is happening! Here are a few pieces of advice on how to have no strings attached sex.

1. No Expectations

The key to having good casual sex is to, well, keep it casual! Don’t go into any situation with a clear image of how you want things to go down, because one, it hardly ever happens the way that you think it will, and two, it takes all of the spontaneity out of the process! The best thing to do is go in with an open mind, and as long as every is consensual and safe feeling, then just go with the flow and see where the encounter takes you!

Know Your Motivations


Lovley Lynette
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