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When we're crushing on someone or even in the early days of dating, you're looking for the signals he finds you attractive. Even though we're all unique, we have a lot in common, especially when it comes to attraction. No, we're not all attracted to the same type of people, but we certainly do show our attraction in the same way. That's why it's so easy to detect whether or not a guy is into you. However, if you feel like you're getting mixed messages, here are a few **signs he finds you attractive: **

1. His Pupils Dilate when He Looks at You

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When someone sees something that they like, their pupils will dilate. It doesn't matter if they're looking at a cute puppy, a beautiful sunset, or your pretty face. If their eyes dilate, then it's guaranteed that they like what they see. Even if you don't notice your crush's pupils changing in size when he looks at you, if he's always staring at you, then there's a huge chance that he has a thing for you.

His Torso is Directed toward You


Soo I think one guy in my History class likes me. this guy is always sitting in the seat right in front of me and the other day he stretched more than 10 times in less than an hour and his hands were ...
And flirt with other girls
What I don't understand is that I feel like guys do that non-verbal signs with me, but also ignore me on the other side...
Great okay😊😝
Soo hows life people
From Vicky
Sooo hot
He's hot
Ritchie V
Wow, why do Women complicate things and try to make it a science?
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