How Your Zodiac Sign Survives a Broken Heart ...


How Your Zodiac Sign Survives a Broken Heart ...
How Your Zodiac Sign Survives a Broken Heart ...

Unless you are one of the rare and lucky ones among us who finds life lasting love at the first attempt, I think it’s pretty safe to assume that you will have been through your fair share of breakups over the years, and experienced your fair share of heartbreak! Having a broken heart sucks, there is no two ways about it, but one of the most wonderful things about the human spirit is that no matter how down in the dumps you can feel after the end of a relationship, you always survive! Here is how you survive a broken heart according to your zodiac sign.

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You ease your broken heart by spending time remembering when you were happy in the relationship. It will help you to heal and show you that things weren’t always super bad.



You work on mending your broken heart by picking up and reviving all of the relationships and friendships that you might have let fall to the wayside when you were coupled up.



You throw yourself into learning of any kind. You pick up new hobbies and spend all of your time and brain power on perfecting new skills to help you keep your mind off things.



You turn to the people who you love and trust the most to help you get through things. They are the only ones who will know exactly what you need.



You survive heartbreak by letting go of that innate desire you have to always be in control. There is nothing about heartbreak that is under your control, so it makes it worse if you try to make sense of it.



You heal by spending time with your own thoughts, trying to put yourself together piece by piece without the unhelpful intervention of people who mean well but weren’t in the relationship.



You need to go all the way down to come all the way back up again, so don’t try to hide your feelings of upset and depression. There’s only one way to go when you are at rock bottom.



You survive by focusing on your own journey back to happiness rather than harbouring any resentment and anger towards your ex. The less he is in your mind, the sooner you can heal.



You just need to admit to yourself that it is totally okay not to feel strong and defiant 24/7. You are allowed moments of weakness and shouldn’t punish yourself for feeling sad.



You need to throw yourself in to your own ambitions. Take up new hobbies, tick some things off of your bucket list ... anything that is going to take your mind off your ex and give you something to feed your soul.



You like to fully lean into the pain as quickly as possible, almost like ripping off a band-aid real quick. The faster you suffer, the faster you heal.



You will feel better the more you talk things through with people. Pisces are no good at keeping their emotions inside. Share your feelings with close friends.

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