17 Things Men Are Turned on by as Much as We Are ...


17 Things Men Are Turned on by as Much as We Are ...
17 Things Men Are Turned on by as Much as We Are ...

Men and women aren't all that different, you know. We tend to be attracted to the same types of qualities. Don't believe it? Here are a few things that men are turned on by as much as we are:

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Exercising It's sexy to see someone trying to keep themselves fit. If he catches you on the treadmill, then he's going to find you attractive, even if there's sweat dripping down your body.


When you're in your element, lost in the rhythm of each step and breath, it's an unintentional showcase of determination and strength. Sweat glistens as a badge of effort, and the pure focus in your eyes tells a story of someone who understands self-care and dedication. This sense of purpose and vitality is irresistible because it speaks to a level of personal commitment that goes beyond appearance—reflecting a beautiful blend of physical and inner well-being.


Eye Contact

Eye Contact When you look someone cute in the eyes, it's impossible to push the butterflies away. That's why men enjoy eye contact just as much as we do.


Exposed Skin

Exposed Skin Men love to see our shoulders, legs, and cleavage. There's just something sexy about exposed skin.


Indeed, there's a fine line between class and sass when it comes to skin exposure. A hint of collarbone, a playful ankle reveal, or the subtle curve of a back can ignite the imagination while remaining tastefully seductive. Remember, it's not just about showing more, it's about highlighting your favorite features with confidence. Whether it's through a chic off-the-shoulder top or a high-slit skirt, it's the artful tease of what's beneath that often creates an irresistible allure.



Intelligence There's no reason to play dumb in order to impress your crush. He probably values intelligence just as much as you do. That's why you shouldn't be afraid to show him how smart you are.


A Good Sense of Humor

A Good Sense of Humor Every woman wants a man who can make her laugh. Guess what? Men want the same thing!


Beautiful Hair

human action, sports, dance, physical exercise, Not all men prefer long hair, but they all love the looks of soft hair. That's why you should never forget to wash and shampoo!


A Passionate Kiss

A Passionate Kiss You don't have to take off your clothes in order to drive a man crazy. A good kiss can turn him on more than you could ever imagine.


Thigh Touches

Thigh Touches Men love having their thighs touched as much as we do. Even though we don't have the same type of genitals, they're in the same location, which is close by the thigh.


The sensual appeal of the thigh is not to be underestimated. Whether it's a gentle caress or a firm grip during intimate moments, touching the thigh can send shivers up a man's spine. It's a zone that, when paid attention to, can really crank up the heat. A light stroke or a teasing touch along the inner thigh is especially potent, as the skin in this area is particularly sensitive. This sort of contact can serve as electric foreplay, heightening anticipation for both parties involved.


A Delicious Scent

A Delicious Scent Your eyes aren't the only thing that can turn you on. Your nose can, too. That's why you should always wear your best perfume on the days you're going to see your crush.


Scents are powerful, acting like a personal signature that can leave a lasting impression. When you choose a perfume, select one that complements your natural scent—it should be alluring without being overpowering. A subtle fragrance that lingers after you've left the room can ignite memories and provoke desire. Just as you might dress to impress, consider your scent another essential accessory that speaks to your individuality and has the potential to draw him closer. Remember, the right aroma can be just as seductive as the perfect outfit.



Abs We love seeing men with defined abs, so it shouldn't be surprising that they love to see them on us, too.


A Smile

A Smile It's sexy to see someone smiling. It means that they're happy, and what's more attractive than that?



Confidence You should consider yourself hot stuff. Why? Because men are drawn to confident women, just like we're drawn to confident men.


An Accent

An Accent Everybody loves British accents. They're irresistible, no matter what your gender is.


Your Laugh

Your Laugh Don't you love it when you make your crush laugh? Well, he loves making you laugh just as much.


Dirty Talk

Dirty Talk Instead of using your body to turn him on, you can use your words. If you say something sexy to him, then he's going to be thinking about it all day long.


Delicious Food

Delicious Food You've heard that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. That's because boys love to eat as much as we do.



hair, clothing, photography, beauty, photo shoot, Who doesn't love the look of tattoos? A little bit of ink can be a major turn on.

Your crush is probably impressed by the same type of things that impress you! That's why it shouldn't be all that hard to turn him on. Which one of these things turns you on the most when a man does it?

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12 is scary :p

my man loves my tattoos!

Qualities = Character = personality = mind=intelligence= body

Most men I know don't like tattoos on women. They make a woman look hard. Not classy.

Of course we are different that is what makes us different don't contradict yourself now!

I got a few tattoos my self but I like men with a few tattoos but not to many !

Just be confident in who you are that's it

Abs? Seriously? I think you're wrong on that... Men love a woman's soft stomach that's why we are different from them and what it attracts them. They don't want a woman who looks like a man.. I don't agree with that..

Don't agree about the Tattoos they are awful.

Short hair or long hair?

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