8. Massage Her a Bit ✋🏼


Yes, I mentioned that touching her was a good start, however, a massage will get her in the mood. Start with her shoulders, then down her back and then move down her thighs.

Affection 💑


Ash Lee
But no seriously, the best thing ever is when he smells reaaallly good. One time, I literally almost fell to my knees because this one dude smelled soo good. It's infactuating.
Naomi Michel
ayee I follow the girl on ig in like intro pic with guys hand on her butt she's real cool she gave me a free swimsuit her account is @hopeisabelhoward
Corset and Vintage
This could not be more accurate 👌🏻
This sums it all up. 👍 😊 Very good article.
Marlee Wellman
If I see a pair of good ass hands I'm gone. Wide palms, long fingers. BONY KNUCKLES I AM ON THE FLOOR
I agree with Michelle...
Are they in Hanging Lake in Colorado in number 15?
Hugs from behind!!
3 and 7 are so true
dicks we love our dicks females love 7 inch - 8 inch dicks or at least i do
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