17 Immature 👎🏼 Dating Habits 👫 Crushing 👊🏼 Your Adult Love Life 💔 ...

Your habits play a huge role in your love life, you know. Once upon a time, women were encouraged to follow The Rules, and guys are encouraged to play The Game, but it's 2016. Dating life is different. Some habits just aren't doing you any good. Worse, they may be sabotaging your efforts to find the right person for you, no matter who that person is. They're immature and, in some cases, totally unnecessary. Just think about it, huh? Take a look at these dating habits and, if you recognize them, consider how useful they actually are.

1. Playing Texting Games

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I don't mean flirting or sexting through text – if that's your thing, go for it! I mean, getting angry if s/he doesn't text back right away, over-analyzing every message, and setting arbitrary texting rules that affect your behavior.

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