7 Interesting Things Men Notice First in Women ...


I’m sure most of you always wondered about the things men notice first in women and you didn’t get an honest answer yet. Well, you should know that men aren’t so hard to understand because they are pretty straight-forward and you could easily find out what things men notice first in women by simply watching them very carefully every time they meet a new lady. According to Dr. Paul Dobransky, the author of The Secret Psychology of How We Fall in Love, "In the first five minutes of meeting someone, it's generally physical beauty that attracts men. That's actually the very first step of courtship for them." But we shouldn’t get him wrong because he also explains that not all men are attracted to supermodels and that every men has his own individual taste in women. So, read on and find out what most men notice first about a woman:

1. Eyes


One of the most common things men notice first in women is, of course, their eyes. It is said that the eyes are the windows to your soul so I guess we understand why this is the first thing a man notices about a lady. Usually, eyes tell us a lot about a person. You can find out if that person is lying to you or telling the truth, if it’s a nice person or, on the contrary, someone whom you wouldn’t want to have around you.



Janine Augustine
Interesting article!
@Skb3867, what about girls withbig hands? youre saying guys arent attracted to us? its hard enough to go through life with big hands, without you saying that we arent attractive
Hands and butt. Men love tiny hands and a nice firm butt
Voice . I think men care about soft voice :)
Beau Jose
@Eztosay guys are not as shallow as women think don't worry about the scars I have scars on my legs that I was very self conscious about and it's never been an issue I have stretch marks also. Chances are he will notice but it really won't bother him 😊
Okay, I really like this guy. I'm asian and I have scars on my legs and I think they are noticeable. What do you think the guy would care or notice?
Your eyes have nothing to do with your speech. There is no scientific proof regarding it
I just wanted to say how lovely it was to see pictures of real looking women used in this article 😍 All gorgeous and healthy looking. Thanks for a real representation of women. Interesting article too!
@Cailin Ellis 😊
@cailin Ellis u r rite guys do think so 😊
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