7 Types of Guys to Date Not Marry ...

There are certain types of guys to date, but never marry. We can learn a lot about ourselves from these types of men. They can teach us about the type of person we want to be and whom we see ourselves with for the rest of our lives. Everyone goes through different stages in their lives, so when your family tells you to stay away from the bad boy, just tell them this is one of the types of guys to date right now, but one you won’t be marrying!

1. The Commitment Phobe

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When you’re young, having fun, and not ready to settle down, the commitment phobe is one of the types of guys to date, but never marry...of course! According to Adelle Waldman, author of "The Love Affairs of Nathaniel P.," β€œYou need to meet this guy, however, so that when you meet the guy you should marry you can tell the difference.” The commitment phobe might tell you that he was never really ready until he found you, but if things start to get less exciting for him, he may get that running feeling again. Sometimes relationships hit a stale period, but will he be there to work through it?

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