7 Types of Guys to Date Not Marry ...


7 Types of Guys to Date Not Marry ...
7 Types of Guys to Date Not Marry ...

There are certain types of guys to date, but never marry. We can learn a lot about ourselves from these types of men. They can teach us about the type of person we want to be and whom we see ourselves with for the rest of our lives. Everyone goes through different stages in their lives, so when your family tells you to stay away from the bad boy, just tell them this is one of the types of guys to date right now, but one you won’t be marrying!

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The Commitment Phobe

The Commitment Phobe When you’re young, having fun, and not ready to settle down, the commitment phobe is one of the types of guys to date, but never marry...of course! According to Adelle Waldman, author of "The Love Affairs of Nathaniel P.," “You need to meet this guy, however, so that when you meet the guy you should marry you can tell the difference.” The commitment phobe might tell you that he was never really ready until he found you, but if things start to get less exciting for him, he may get that running feeling again. Sometimes relationships hit a stale period, but will he be there to work through it?


The Pretty Boy

The Pretty Boy This guy is hot, he is McDreamy, McSteamy hot, and every time you go out everyone either already knows him or wants to know him. At one point in our lives we all have that fantasy guy or girl we would love to date, that celebrity we drool over and think, “I would love to marry him or a guy like him.” However, that isn’t reality. Marriage isn’t all about looks, it’s about commitment, honesty, and love. So get the fantasy out of your system and learn whether it’s really love or if it’s just lust.


While the Pretty Boy might be the type who turns heads as he walks into the room, his swoon-worthy looks don't guarantee a strong foundation for a lasting marriage. Sure, those killer smiles and chiseled features are like straight out of a rom-com but think long term. Will he be there for you when you're sick, with the same intensity as he is at a party? Remember, real relationships are built on much more than just physical attraction. It’s essential to look deeper and find someone whose beauty is more than skin deep.


The Bad Boy

The Bad Boy Sometimes we just get sick of following the rules and need a little danger, a little living on the edge type of excitement, and that’s where the bad boy comes in. Now there are guys who have that edgy look but are sweethearts underneath, however this type of bad boy is not sweet at all. He only comes by when he has time, he doesn’t call, and he doesn’t care about anything except the hot sex. So, don’t get attached and don’t let him break your heart.


The Loner

The Loner He’s so cool and mysterious, and loves hanging out at the coffee shop on poetry night. This is all good if you’re this type too, however if you’re looking for a family man who loves spending the holidays with the in-laws...this is not your guy! He’s a great guy to date while in college, but not one you want to bring home to mom, because, well, he probably won’t want to come home to mom. He would much rather hang out alone writing his music while smoking from a hookah.


The Gamer

The Gamer Ladies, he is never going to love anything as much as he loves playing video games! This guy is fun to date while in high school and maybe college, but when is he going to grow up? If you’re a true gamer, then by all means celebrate in style with a game themed wedding. However, if you are looking for a guy who can help with the budget, and put down the game controller once in a while, then it would be best to move on from him after college.

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The Guy’s Guy

The Guy’s Guy He is all about hanging out with the guys, going to watch the game every weekend, and can’t get enough of the beer pong. Sure, every guy deserves a little guys’ night out, just like we enjoy going out with the ladies. However, if you are getting pushed aside for guys’ night, where he’d rather sit around with them doing stupid things instead of going to your cousin’s wedding with you, well, this isn’t the guy to commit to.


The Work-a-holic

The Work-a-holic We all get caught up in our work once in a while, especially when it’s something we really love. However, if he is always spending late nights at the office, can’t be reached during the day, and only talks about his work day, then he might not be the one you want to marry. He can inspire you to have a better work ethic, but when you need him to pick up the kids or help around the house, he will probably tell you he has a big case he is too busy with. Ladies, know the difference between someone who is a hard worker and a work-a-holic.

You can learn a lot of things from these types of guys to date, but the number one thing to learn from them is that they aren’t the one to marry. These guys would rather be single and aren’t ready to commit. Ladies, what have you learned from these types of guys?

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I love my workaholic/ gamer. While he is at work late, it gives me a chance to prepare dinner, while he is "geeking out" I hop on AWS or Pinterest, catch up with my girls, read, watch my shows. I wouldn't have it any other way, because I love my man for being himself.

Wait, so what types are left? This isn't very helpful!!

I married a gamer & I love it. Being a gamer doesn't make you immature, having no self control does. We both play video games together, or separately..and we both know when to call it quits. Time management friends, time management.

love the guys

And yes I can certainly agree the man on #2 is very pretty.

Every girl should date a bad boy there fun . I married a hard working book worm . But I love him (:

@Linds, Big Daddy

So what kind of guys are left? Because I can't really list any To be continued?

I know these types of guys That types are called independents carefree They love their freedom and space more not many women understands them

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