7 Mistakes Women Make when Trying to Attract Men ...


7 Mistakes Women Make when Trying to Attract Men ...
7 Mistakes Women Make when Trying to Attract Men ...

If you are surprised to be reading this, I must tell you that there actually are a lot of mistakes women make when trying to attract men. Because sometimes they try so hard (or even too hard, I might add), they might send the wrong message and eventually they’ll end up scaring their dream guy. I know that a lot of single women nowadays are working very hard to be successful in their careers so they know (or they’ve learned) that in order to obtain something, they must get control of the situation and make it happen. Yet, sometimes too much is just too much and in those cases, it’s best to just make things happen more naturally. So, here are 7 of the most common mistakes women make when trying to attract men:

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Wear Too Much Makeup

One of the most common mistakes women make when trying to attract men is the fact that sometimes they wear too much makeup, even if it’s not necessary. I used to have this problem myself (I absolutely love eye-shadows and glosses), but I understood that sometimes less is indeed more and that makeup should be used in order to enhance your natural beauty and not to hide it. So, let your skin breathe every now and then because you have such a pretty face with or without any makeup!


They Are Late on Their Dates

I know you’re all aware of that common stereotype that women are always late but as with all stereotypes, this is also false. Despite all that, some women might be tempted to do it on purpose, especially on their dates, because in their opinion, they believe that this way, that man will want them even more because he has waited for them and that must mean that he’s really interested. Well, actually, this is not the best thing you could do on your dates. Try to be punctual and show him that he and his time are important you. I’m sure you’ll give him plenty of reasons to be interested about the wonderful lady that you are.


They Starve Themselves

Sadly this is one of the problems most women have nowadays and this unhealthy behavior could easily turn into an eating disorder. I’m not saying you shouldn’t pay attention to what you’re eating or to where that food is coming from; I’m just advising you to never starve yourself, especially if you think that by doing this, your dream guy might like you. Most men do prefer a woman with some curves but in the end, a woman's great personality matters more than the way she looks on the outside.


They Wear Too Little Clothes

Another mistake a lot of women make when trying to attract men is the fact that they wear too little clothes, because they think that by showing a bit more skin they’ll definitely get that perfect man they’ve always been looking for. Well, that’s not the way to do it, because most of the time you’ll only end up attracting the wrong men that are only interested in the physical aspects of your relationship and they don’t care about the spiritual bond that should exist in every relationship between the partners.


They Try to Be Someone else

Men are usually attracted to women who are authentic and genuine and who are not trying to seem someone they’re not just to please others. You shouldn’t let anyone change you! Only you will decide if you do want to change a thing or two about your behavior or not. Just don’t pretend to be someone else! A man will love you for the wonderful person that you actually are and not because you are somebody you think he wants.

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They Lower Their Standards Because of a Timeline

Another most frequent mistake most women make when searching for Mr. Right is the fact that they often rush themselves, they are impatient and they are often willing to lower their standards because they might have a timeline. Let’s say because they decide they want get married by they’re 30 and have two kids by 35. Remember: desperation leads to bad decisions sometimes and by the way, you’ll never know when you’ll meet the love of your life and when that happens, you wouldn’t want to be married to the wrong guy.


They Often Think Negative Thoughts

If you are a shyer person or if you do have some problems with your self-esteem, you might think that you don’t deserve to be loved or that nobody will really be interested in you. Basically, you might focus on thinking only negative thoughts instead of positive outcomes. You may not realize yet how influential your own thoughts and words are, but you should keep in mind that by accentuating all that’s positive, you’ll not only attract more people (especially men), but you’ll also feel good about yourself.

These were, in my opinion, some of the most common mistakes women do when they’re looking for Mr. Right. I should add that another thing you should always have when you’re looking for your soul mate is the right support from your loved ones, because there have been a lot of women who have been led in the wrong direction by seemingly well-intentioned friends, so try to pick your friends carefully and seek for expert advice when you need it. Have you ever made a mistake when you were trying to attract men? Do tell!

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Wish i know....what he feels inside

It's articles like this that make me late for a date.

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Or what he thinks...

I don't know...I'm a lot older than most of you all, but I still have such a hard time with articles like this...no matter how true they are!..I mean men never read, write or seemingly give a damn about "how to attract a woman"...they just live their lives--and so should we..


hit the nail on the head

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