11 Basic Things All Men Want from Women but Will Never Tell ...


11 Basic Things All Men Want from Women but Will Never Tell  ...
11 Basic Things All Men Want from Women but Will Never Tell  ...

There are things men want from you but will never tell you that they do. I honestly don’t know why they don’t communicate their needs more clearly; it would certainly make things easier if they did. I think part of the reason they don’t is that they don’t think we need to be told. They really believe we know these things about them but sometimes we just don’t. Let’s talk about the things men want from you but will never tell you.

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Through much reading and research, I have learned that men desperately want respect from the woman in their life. If you are in doubt of this, ask your guy and see what his response is. This is one of the most important things men want from you but will never tell you. So, what does it really mean to give a guy respect? Simply put, it means that you give their thoughts, ideas, actions and feelings merit. It means that you think that he is important and you show it with your actions.



Going hand in hand with respect is admiration. Guys typically love admiration, but there is a catch to this. It has to be sincere for it to work. Guys seem to have a radar to catch any insincere compliment you give them. But as long as you are telling him something you genuinely appreciate about him, he will be very pleased to hear it.


Admiration can be about his personal attributes, like how you value his sense of humor or his intellectual wit, or it can be about tangible achievements, such as his commitment to his work or his skill at a hobby. Just remember, the things you admire in him should echo your true feelings. Your partner can sense the difference between empty flattery and heartfelt praise. When you let him know that you see and appreciate the unique aspects of who he is, it reinforces his confidence and his feelings of companionship with you.



Men like the companionship of the woman they care about. He may want you to come along when he golfs a Saturday morning game or just join him on the couch when he watches his favorite television show. The point is, he likes having you around and that is a really great thing. Sure, he needs his guy time but he likes spending time with you, too. So take advantage of that fact and find some ways you can spend more time with him.


He doesn't just see you as his partner but also his best friend. Whether it's sharing inside jokes, reminiscing about shared memories, or planning future adventures together, your presence is a symbol of happiness in his life. Besides enjoying the activities you both love, even running mundane errands becomes enjoyable when you're together. It's about the joy of shared experiences and the comfort in knowing you're both in it together. Remember that your shared time doesn't always need bells and whistles; sometimes, it's the quiet moments that mean the most to him.


Arm Candy

Men appreciate when the woman in their life takes time to look her best. You don’t have to be a supermodel for him to be happy. Just putting some effort out there to look your best is enough and you can trust that you will look great in his eyes when you do. Take a little time to apply some makeup and fix your hair before you see each other. Wear something he likes to see you in and watch when he notices the effort you made.


Men want to feel appreciated and admired by their partner. Showing your man that you care enough to take the time to look your best for him is a great way to make him feel loved. When you put effort into your appearance, it shows that you value your relationship and want to make him happy.

Arm candy is a great way to show your man that you’re interested in him and that you care about his opinion. Wear something he likes to see you in, it’s a subtle way of showing him that you’re paying attention and that you want to make him feel special.

It’s also important to remember that it’s not about the clothes you wear or the makeup you put on, it’s about the effort you put in. Men want to know that you’re making an effort to look your best for them. They want to feel like they’re important to you and that you care enough to take the time to look good for them.


A Pleasant Tone of Voice

Men appreciate a pleasant tone of voice with the woman they are in a relationship with, and really, don’t we all? All of us appreciate a nice, friendly tone of voice. Of course, you won’t have a pleasant tone of voice all the time unless you are a Stepford Wife, but it is something you can try to work on. In fact, it is something that we can work on with everyone in our life. People respond much better to one another when they are speaking and hearing a kind tone of voice.


A pleasant tone of voice is an important factor in any relationship, and men especially appreciate it in the woman they are with. It can be difficult to maintain a pleasant tone all the time, but it is worth the effort. A kind and friendly voice can make a huge difference in how people interact with each other, and it can make communication smoother and more positive.

Having a pleasant tone of voice is not just important in romantic relationships. It is important to strive for a pleasant tone with everyone in our lives, such as family, friends, and coworkers. It can help build relationships and create a more positive environment.

In addition to a pleasant tone of voice, men also appreciate other qualities in women. These can include kindness, understanding, respect, and a good sense of humor. Men also appreciate women who are independent and have their own interests and goals. Women who are confident and have a positive attitude can also be attractive to men. Ultimately, men want to be with someone who is supportive and understanding, and who can make them feel special and appreciated.



Men like and need encouragement. They like to know that the woman they love is in their corner, cheering them on. Your belief in them is important. They think that if you believe in them then surely they can accomplish whatever obstacles they are up against in their life. In return, you will find they are always in your corner.



Men like to be appreciated and it doesn’t take a lot to express this. A simple ‘thank you’ accompanied by a sweet smile can go far in showing you appreciate whatever it is they are doing for you. Maybe your guy took you out for a nice dinner or took care of some maintenance on your car. Whatever it is he is doing for you, appreciating the act will endear you to him. You will probably find that he wants to do more for you when you appreciate his efforts.


Even something as small as noticing his new haircut or complimenting his sense of humor can make a big difference. Men often thrive on acknowledgment and validation, just as anyone would. Your attentiveness to the little things he does will not only boost his confidence but also strengthen the bond between you. Don’t forget, it's not just about vocal appreciation; a warm touch or a thoughtful gesture can also convey your gratitude profoundly.



Sometimes, men have to play many different roles and they do a lot for their friends and families. Take time to mention these things to the man in your life so he knows that you recognize what a good son, brother, friend, boyfriend, husband or father he is. Men rarely get recognized for all that they do for others and he's sure to appreciate the recognition.



Men love their independence. This doesn't mean that they want to be left alone all of the time, but they do like to be able to do things on their own without having to check in or be made to feel guilty. Remember to give your guy time on his own to hang out with his friends or just have some alone time.



We all need a good support network and men are no different. When your guy says he's going to try completing a triathlon or try to get promoted at work, support his efforts. Let him know that you're behind him all the way and no matter how far fetched the goal might seem to you, if it's important to your guy, he wants it to be important to you, too.



Even if you think he knows you want him, show him anyway! Men want to feel desired and when he doesn't feel wanted by you, it can get to his confidence. Flirt with him, You want him to know that you feel lucky to be with him!

Now it’s your turn to share with me. What have you found the man in your life needs the most from you? I can’t wait to read your responses!

This article was written in collaboration with editor Lisa Washington.

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men LOVE when their woman takes time to care for their self! what made him attracted to you in the first place? Your appearance! keep up with yourself not only for him, but for YOU!! :) I work in the beauty industry and notice when women are in their mid to late thirties is when they realize they've let themselves go and freak out trying to turn back the hands of time! Whether we admit it or not we are ALWAYS comparing ourselves with other women - therefore our men admire women who stand out aka 'put together'. just do whatever you need to do to look your best, it requires work but feeling and looking great it worth the effort!

Lol i once complimented my boyfriend but he kept changing the topic, what does that mean? Is he just shy or what? Haha

Just be sincere in showing ur emotions without overdoing..moderation is the key word

Lmao isn't that what everyone wants?!!

Oh Lord, we just ask us to forgive us for our sins and recognize that we all fall down on the job sometimes. We recognize our own weakness and ask you to prepare our hearts, our own weakness so realize that apart from You we can do nothing.


Bulls eye. Works both ways too.

Ok well, we can start that too! Let's just put that out there and see what happens!

11 things Men want from you but wote tell you it would be nice if i could see more then # 1

Husnul, I understand where you are coming from. I used to be the same way. The first thing when trying to confront and change this situation is by not worrying about him, but try and figure out yourself. I saw that you are jealous, but it is probably because you have little self confidence. You must gain that self confidence. Work out, do something different with your hair or do something that makes you feel better. I seen your picture and you look very pretty, you must embrace that beauty though and you will start feeling more confident. Just learn to become happier about things in life and try to become more positive. If your happy, he will be happy. If your sad I think he would tend to be sad also. Be yourself, the positive you that you know you are. I hope this advice helps Husnul :)

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