7 Types of Men Who Will Never Marry You ...

By Corina

If you’re looking for Mr. Right, you may have to kiss a couple of frogs until you’ll meet that perfect guy that will truly deserve you, because you should know that there are actually a few types of men who will never marry you, no matter what you would do. That’s just the way they are at the moment. Some may change and some will not. But, after all, it’s not your duty to wait for them until they are ready to take that big step and marry you. You should definitely avoid these types of men who will never marry you, because you’ll only waste your time since none of these guys will seal the deal with you.

1 Mr. “Not Ready for a Serious Relationship Yet”

In my opinion, this is one of the most common types of men who will never marry you. He likes to date a lot and when things become too serious, he gets scared and simply leaves, telling you that he’s not ready for a serious relationship yet. Well, maybe he will never be. There’s no point in trying to change him or show him that you are perfect for him. You’ll only look desperate and you’ll waste all your energy chasing a man that tries to avoid commitment.

2 Mr. “Not over His Ex”

This is definitely the type of guy you should avoid if you’re looking for Mr. Right. This man is still hung up on his ex-girlfriend even if he won’t admit it. He always talks about her, about her hobbies, interests or even about the things they did together. This man still needs some time to heal before starting to date again, so he's definitely not ready to marry you.

3 Mr. “Too Focused on His Career”

This guy still tries to figure out what he wants to do in his career and he’s always focused on everything related to his job. He never has enough time for the two of you and his work always comes first. Samantha Daniels, a well-known professional matchmaker and relationship expert, said that “Men need to be settled in their careers or at least know which direction they are headed on the career front before they can settle down.” I couldn’t agree more!

4 Mr. “Always Looking for a Bigger Better Deal”

With this man you’ll feel absolutely amazing, except that he will never be ready to commit to you. That's because, sadly, he will always look for someone he thinks might be better for him, even though what you two have is wonderful. He will always keep his options open, wondering if he will find a better version of you somewhere in this world. I’m sure you wouldn’t want to be with someone who will never think that you’re good enough for him.

5 Mr. “I Always Hang out with Kids Half My Age”

This is the man who is in his late 40s, who has an impressive career (usually he is an executive of some sort) and while all his childhood friends are married and settled down, he always hangs out with kids half his age. He’s always going clubbing and partying, looking to pick up younger girls. The thing is that he is also lying to himself because when a 20-year-old lady goes out on a date with him, it’s not because she finds him so interesting or attractive; it’s often because of his money.

6 Mr. “I Haven’t Found the Right One”

This type of man is usually over 50 and has never been married before because he always says he never found the right lady. Well, you should start to ask yourself some questions, because if he hasn’t found the perfect match among the hundreds of girls he has dated before, why would you be the right one to marry him? Try to be cautious and protect your feelings!

7 Mr. “I Only Care about My Kids”

This guy has won your love by showing what a great father he is and has really impressed you by how much he loves his children. You really admire him for all the sacrifices he makes in order to see his kids happy and you think that he might be the perfect guy for you. Don’t get me wrong! There’s nothing wrong with a responsible father. But when this man focuses too much on his children and never has enough time for you or your relationship, you should start asking yourself if he will ever find a place for you in his heart or in his life.

In my opinion, these were the most significant types of men who will never marry you, no matter what you do. I’m sure my list is incomplete though, so I’ll need you to give me a hand. What other types of men would you add to this list? Do tell!

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