7 Types of Men You Need to Date in College ...


7 Types of Men You Need to Date in College ...
7 Types of Men You Need to Date in College ...

Most of us are on that hunt for the “one,” and while we are on it, we can test out these types of men you need to date in college. The dating culture in college is very different than it is after graduation. It is more casual and carefree, which makes it the perfect time to test out which type of guy you work best with. Not every guy will fall into these categories, but why not test the waters with a bad boy, hippie, or frat star? They all have something different to bring to a relationship, so be on the lookout for these types of men you need to date in college on your campus.

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The Scholar

Of all of the types of men you need to date in college, this one will probably have the best impact on your GPA. There is something about those typical hot guys in blazers who spend more time in the library than at a party. By dating this guy in college, you will get to spend some hot study dates in the library and might even get a glimpse into the world of engineering, chemistry, or political science. They might not be the most romantic guy, but they can teach you some awesome study tips.


The Bad Boy

When else in your life can you date a bad boy, get your heart broken, and probably rebound in a few days? College is the time in your life when you can go through boys with a no-holds attitude. Dating a bad boy is something girls should do because we all are convinced we can change them into the kind of boy you can bring home to mom. Once you figure out this bad boy attitude is here to stay, you can take a girls' night, spend a few days of studying as a distraction, and you are on to the next campus cutie.


The Frat Star

They may not make the best boyfriends, but boy can they party. Every girl should go through her frat star phase because they are the ultimate fun guys. They know the low-down on the best parties, and they can definitely hold their liquor. Date this boy for a while, and there will never be a dull moment.


The Hippie

Every campus has that guy sitting barefoot by a tree, playing his guitar, and singing about world peace. You might not share the same views as the hippie, but that is what makes dating him so exciting. It is always nice to debate viewpoints with people that have different opinions than yours. Plus he probably will never want to fight with you because he is all about “peace and love.”


The Exchange Student

We all love a nice foreign guy - their accents, the cool clothes, the exotic lifestyle. Most college campuses have a ton of guys from other countries like China, England, and Australia. Get a cute foreign boyfriend and learn about a new culture while you are at it. They may even inspire you to study abroad in their home country.


The High School Throwback

I know when I came to college, I wanted nothing to do with the guys from my high school. They had seemed so immature back home and I felt that I had changed a lot at college. Well, so have these guys. Almost everyone grows up a bit when they get to college, so it might be time to rekindle that flame with the cute kid from your high school. You can reminisce about high school while still getting that college dating experience.


The TA

Okay this one might not be that realistic, but it would be pretty cool. I know I have a ton of cute grad students as TAs in a bunch of my classes. I even see them at the bars sometimes. I know they are not allowed to date students, but it would be pretty steamy to have a forbidden love affair with a TA. And they can help you study for your exams.

College is the time to try and find out who you want to be, and part of that is finding out what kind of guy you want to date. There are so many different types of guys on a college campus, so why not try them all out? What did you think of these types of men you need to date in college? What are some other types of guys on your campus you want to try and date? Do you think it is a good experience to date different types of men in college?

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You surely don't need to date all the guys on campus to figure out which guy works best for you. All you gotta do is learn more about yourself then choose a guy that has similarities with you.

I haven't seen any hippies on campus...in fact,the guys are more into blasting music on their headphones than playing the guitar hah.

I dated my TA. Haha


@Benny, AMEN!

You make it sound so easy to nab one from each category haha

why is it a "need" you dont "need" a man

Personally, I don't think you should be trying to date every type of guy you can. College is supposed to be about learning and preparing for future. And sure your future probably will include marriage, but that shouldn't be your main priority

@Katie, EXACTLY!

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